Our Patient Personal Experience Getting an Hair Transplant

The Secret to my Thicker, Fuller Hair!

Generally, people prefer to keep their beauty secrets confidential but I’m not like them. I never thought that I would be that person who would share his personal experiences with the world but having Hair Transplant Surgery at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic was worth it. Hair loss tends to affect men twice as often as women and yes! I was also a victim of this undesirable condition. Read on to find out what phases I went through when the hair loss problem began to affect my scalp as well as my self-esteem.

I Noticed Early Signs of Balding when I was 16:

We all are aware of the truth that a fuller head of hair is one of the most important symbols of masculinity today, but unfortunately, it is not something that everyone could have. With age, many people go through mild and severe hair loss due to different reasons such as genetics, medications, hormonal changes, and stress. And because it is so common, multiple treatments are designed but before agreeing on any specific treatment, first and foremost we should find out the cause of the problem.

My hair started falling out abnormally at the age of 16. I heard from someone wise that “it is better to preserve your hair before it is too late” so for that reason when I was 18, I consulted with a hair loss specialist at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic to know the cause and treatment options available for me. I told him about everything I suffered due to hair loss, from the time it started until now. The hair specialist tried to figure out whether it was temporary or a sign of permanent baldness and after a thorough examination, it was concluded that my hair loss was due to hormonal changes.

My PRP Injections Treatment Experience:

The doctor recommended PRP sessions to me to combat my hair loss. I voluntarily had 20 PRP injections into the scalp as part of hair loss treatment. While some degree of my hair loss was controlled but the treatment was not very effective. My whole treatment therapy was completed in 5-6 sessions but to some extent, the decision of spending money on PRP shots does not come out right. By the time I turned 18, my hair loss began to happen again but this time it was more severe than before. My hairline began to recede excessively and it looked really worse.

After PRP, I Underwent Laser Hair Therapy:

After PRP shots, a friend of mine suggested I go for laser hair therapy to improve the hair growth on my scalp. I consulted with a hair specialist and he also suggested the same so, finally, I decided to go for this option. In the procedure, the doctor used a low-level laser device to stimulate the production of hair follicles. There was no pain at all and the procedure was completed in just 50-60 minutes. I visited Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic 5-6 times for further sessions and my hair growth improved after it. The results were really impressive, hair growth was stimulated in the crown area but there wasn’t any noticeable improvement in the frontal region.

The New Miracle Hair Transplant:

In February 2018, I underwent hair transplant surgery for my receding hairline. It was a wonderful experience having the surgery because the results I got from the surgery were extremely incredible.

My Personal Experience:

Recently, I had an experience that I want to share with you guys as it was so top spectacular and worth mentioning. It was 4 a.m. in the morning, I was sating back, worrying about my receding hairline and energizing myself to go for surgical options. Finally, after a lot of thinking, I embraced myself and decided to undergo a Hair Transplant Treatment in Dubai to enhance my scalp appearance.

The next morning, when I was choosing the clinic, I visited three well-reputed clinics to make the right decision. Specialists at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic satisfied me the most. Their “before and after photographs” of patients and their behavior towards me and hospital facilities convinced me. After agreeing, the consultant asked me to come to the clinic for a surgery appointment.

Dr. Naveed:

On the appointment day, Dr. Naveed consulted me. He gave me some pre-procedural instructions to follow for delivering the finest outcomes without complications. I was asked to stop taking certain medications, and avoid smoking, and drinking for a few weeks before the surgery. And I did everything that I was supposed to do.

Dr. Naveed started the operation by shaving my head. This was done to extract follicles easily and comfortably from the donor area. The surgeon adopted the FUE technique in my case. Hair follicles were extracted from the sides and transplanted in the frontal region. Since my crown area was fuller, I did not need to have full hair transplant surgery. But still, my surgery took two days to complete, and subtleties were made on the second day. When the doctor completed the surgery, I returned home. I suggest everyone bring someone with them on the surgery day so that he/she can drop you home.

You can see in these photographs that from the sides of my scalp, the hair follicles were punched out.

But right after the surgery, I suffered from severe headaches, swelling, itching, and circulatory problems. And for proper recovery, I was asked to stop socializing so it was very important to take 2 weeks off from work. The recovery period was extremely exhausting as I underwent several undesirable conditions during it. My transplanted hair fell out after 2 weeks and natural hair began to grow after a month. They were so natural-looking and incredible that I could never regret my decision. The results I got from hair transplant surgery lasted so long until now. A month after the operation, I was finally allowed to continue routine activities and official visits but still, I was not permitted to put pressure on my head.

Why Choose a Hair Transplant?

The results of hair transplant surgery are really incredible. So anyone who wants to improve hair growth on the scalp could choose this option. It produces permanent results on the condition, the surgeon is experienced and trained. Visit Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, our Dr. Naveed will help you deal with your hair concerns effectively.