Permanent Non-surgical Nose Job

Non Surgical Nose Job treatment is suitable for those who want to reconstruct and reshape their nose without having the need to undergo surgical therapy. It is a new method. It gives your facial appearance a completely transformed look. And the best part about the treatment is that it does not disturb your facial features at all.

On the other hand, you will be noticed. Yet, people will often think that there is a change in your face. But they cannot spot it since the treatment does not alter any natural balance or symmetry of the face. It is a very quick treatment and will hardly take 25 to 30 minutes. There are many uses of a Non Surgical Nose Job in Dubai and You will be delighted to learn about them which are mentioned below.

What is a Non Surgical Nose Job or Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty or Liquid Rhinoplasty is a kind of treatment that uses Fillers to be introduced within the nose for the improvement of the overall appearance of your nose. It is usually done by fillers consisting of hyaluronic acid and there are other fillers also available but the success rate of hyaluronic acid is far better than any other.

How is the Non Surgical Nose Job Different from the Conventional Surgical Nose Job?

The major difference between a non surgical nose job and a surgical rhinoplasty is that non-surgical rhinoplasty is done by filler injections. And it does not require any incision or suturing to the nose. On the other hand, the downtime is no less than zero and it is generally better in terms of recovery and healing as compared to that of the surgical rhinoplasty.

What are the Benefits and Uses of Non Surgical Nose Job? 

If you undergo any of the following problems then you can get a rhinoplasty done without any regret or second thought: 

  • A twisted or tilted nose.
  • A concavity or extra protuberance on the frontal view of your nose.
  • Any imperfections such as asymmetry or deviated Ella.
  • Irregularly shaped nose.
  • Bulbous or Oval, a round-shaped tip of the nose.
  • Oversized or enlarged nostrils.
  • Better breathing because of correction of the airway passage.

Is Non Surgical Nose Job a Permanent Treatment?

A Non Surgical Nose Job in Dubai using fillers has a success rate that is viable for about five years. However, the case of using another substitute agent such as silicon 1000 is more like a semi-permanent treatment because of the use of the microdroplets technique. This treatment goes into the bones of the nose and so it runs years longer.

 If you want to go for it then you can visit the clinic for learning about the Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Cost in Dubai.

What is the Procedure for a Non Surgical Nose Job?

 The following describes the correct procedure for a non-surgical nose job: 

Initial Examination and History:

In this stage, the aesthetician will take notes of your history and the cause of changes or deformities in your nose. It could be because of any traumatic accident, blow or punch.  

Treatment Planning:

Either surgical or non-surgical the esthetician will plan a series of steps and important protocols to follow during the treatment and how the treatment will be carried out. The surgeon will plan the exact location and mark the areas where the injection will be inserted. 

Administration of Local Anesthesia:

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is done under complete local anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain.

Insertion of the Fillers:

The aesthetician will gently inject the fillers in the cartilage of the nose ensuring that the filler is injected in the correct position.

once the fillers are injected the extension will gently rub the area so that the fillers can evenly spread into the complete area.

Resting in Recovery:

In this stage, the aesthetician will see whether the patient is fine or has developed any allergic reactions to the Nose Fillers that is usually very rare. 

What are the Potential Risks of Non-Surgical Nose Jobs?

The potential risks of Non Surgical Nose Job are subsequently infrequent. However, if the inexperienced surgeon is validated for it then there are chances of the following: 

  •  Complications like pus or bumps on the nose.
  •  Redness and flashes the first few hours after the treatment.
  •  Mild to moderate pain at the injection site.


Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic has been providing patients with Non Surgical Nose Jobs in Dubai successfully for a very long time. The success rate of the treatment in our clinic is up to 100%. So you don’t need to worry about how it is done and what the results will be like.