How Much Does a Nose Job Cost in Dubai

A nose job can significantly improve the appearance of the nose. But at what cost? Keep reading!

Because of celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, the popularity of nose jobs has increased in the past few years. There are many young adults interested in reshaping and resizing their noses. There are also some females who combine rhinoplasty with lip augmentation to receive bigger lips with a contoured nose.

Nose Job Cost:

When it comes to How Much Does a Nose Job Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, you may not find a straightforward answer. At Dynamic clinic, our goal is to provide you as much information as possible, that is, if not the exact cost, we can provide you with a range. In this article, we are going to discuss the major variables that affect the cost of rhinoplasty.

Like other cosmetic surgeries, the cost of a nose job varies between patients as it is personalized to meet specific needs, face type, and desired results. Because of this huge variability, the Non Surgical Nose Job Dubai can cost anywhere between AED 1,500 to AED 3,000.

While assessing the final cost, you should consider the following factors:

  • Location of the clinic.
  • Surgeon’s expertise.
  • Additional expenses.

Location of the Clinic:

The cost varies widely among areas, with Cosmetic Surgery hotspots like Dubai & Sharjah, at the higher end of the spectrum, and less populated cities like Abu Dhabi charging much less.

Surgeon’s Expertise:

The credentials, experience, and qualifications of the surgeon are the most important factors that you should consider. You need to check on their online reviews and reputation. Also, it is important that you have a strong feeling about cooperating with the best surgeon you can ever find.

Additional Expenses:

It’s important that you ask the doctor directly if these are all the costs included in the total price. Because there is no fixed cost for any of these expenses, it is better you explore several options by contacting multiple surgeons and getting an estimate for not only the professional’s fee but also the additional surgery-related expenditures, including:

  • Anesthesia charges.
  • Post-surgical garments.
  • Splints.
  • Prescription medications.

After adding these charges, the final cost can reach between AED 2,500 and AED 3,500. You may not have this amount of money at your immediate disposal. But when you decide to undertake this operation, it is a good time to consider funding options like Dynamic Clinic’s 100% financing. With this scheme, you can pay for those procedures in monthly installments that are not covered by medical insurance

Never Cut Quality Corners:

While price is an important consideration when it comes to a nose job, it is not the only one. Your health, aesthetic satisfaction, and surgeon’s selection should be the top priority. Picking an experienced cosmetic surgeon for the procedure could benefit you far more in the long run.

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