Panoramic Dental X-Ray for BFP | Dental X-Ray in Dubai

The first and foremost procedure before starting any dental treatment lies in its diagnosis. The diagnosis is not always based on the clinical appearances of any disease. Instead, it depends deep down and to an extent.  This can only be clearly pictured through a Panoramic Dental X-Ray in Dubai. It has the ability to produce an image that consists of the entire oral cavity including all the major and the minor details as well.  Here is all about the dental panoramic X-ray and its importance in dentistry. 

What are Panoramic Dental X-Rays? 

A panoramic dental X-ray is basically a radiograph which is present in 2 dimensions.  It captures the image of the oral cavity of the candidate Including the structures such as the upper and the lower jaw, the structures the associated tissues and the teeth.

The best part about a panoramic dental X-ray is that the jaw being a curved structure still appears in a flat and straight form on an OPG( the film developed in a panoramic X-ray). It is important for the proper visualization and to replicate the exact details of the bones and the teeth present clinically.

What Are the Uses of Panoramic Dental X-Rays ? 

  • For a clear picture of the entire oral cavity.
  •  To identify and locate diseases.
  •  To spot the presence of unseen infections.
  •  To check the extent of a cavity.
  •  To locate the presence of embedded wisdom teeth.
  •  Do evaluate the status of any treatment.
  •  For treatment planning.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using Panoramic Dental X-Rays? 

 The Pros:

  •  Produces the exact image of the oral cavity in the two-dimensional picture.
  •  Heads and analyzing all the minor details.
  •  Helps in the illustration and visualization of cavities and caries that are not easily seen through the eyes.
  •  Helps in the treatment planning for the dentist.
  •  Unlike the periapical X-ray the Panoramic Dental X-Ray in Dubai & Abu Dhabi does not confuse the dentist with the right and left.
  •  It’s less time consuming procedure.
  •  Does not cause pain to the candidate unlike periapical X-ray.
  •  Do not require a specialized or skillful person to understand.

 The Cons:

  •  The radiations emitted are less but still harmful
  •  The developed film can fade or distort over a period of six to seven months
  •  The X-ray film can damage when exposed to excessive heat or sunlight

Why are Panoramic Dental X-Rays Preferred Over the Others? 

The reason why dental panoramic X-rays are preferred over the other diagnostic tools is because it is less time consuming and a lot of the patients have  given positive feedback about  dental panoramic x-rays. 

It is less painful and the details that are transferred into the X-ray film are a lot more clear than any other diagnostic tool. 

In contrast to dental panoramic x rays, other diagnostic methods such as MRI or CT scan though are three-dimensional and are also very precise and accurate in producing the details there still require a very specialized and learned person to understand and study it this is not the case with dental panoramic X-ray it is easy to understand and even the learning academic dental students also find it easy to understand and grab the details. 

Panoramic Dental X-Ray for BFP:

It is sure that dental panoramic x-rays are helpful in providing every detail. There’s one thing that is often left ignored about them. It is their ability to locate and visualize the BFP buccal fat pad that is the place where most of the oral cancers and tumors often take place. 

Tumors and cancers, necrotic tissues in BFP are often mistaken as cysts or chubby cheeks. Little do you know that it can be because of the presence of any ingrown tumor. A panoramic Dental X-ray in Dubai is the right means of diagnostic tool to analyze and locate the presence of an insignificant growth in the BFP. 


  •   The details reproduced in the results are very accurate and precise.
  •   All the set of the teeth including their tooth buds are also seen in the developed radio graphic film.
  •  the external structure such as the nasal sinuses and the nerves can also be visualize in the image.

The Cost:

You will be amazed to know that our clinic offers the cheapest Cost of Dental Panoramic X-Rays in Dubai. It ranges from 220 AED to 550 AED

 The Final Verdict!

Dental panoramic X-rays are not a routine diagnostic tool and are done only when the candidate is advised by the dentist.  We suggest that you should book your appointment for a dental panoramic X-ray as soon as recommended because we have a huge list of candidates in the waiting list for their turn.  to avoid any inconvenience we suggest that you fill up the booking form right now.