Dental Panoramic X-Ray Costs in Dubai

You can improve your smile, dental function, and oral health with the use of a panoramic X-ray. You are no longer able to put off getting dental work done. You may get your teeth treated quickly and affordably at Dental Clinics in Dubai, thanks to the reasonable prices and skills of the dentists there. As a result, it’s usual to see patients undergo several crowns, implants, and other dental cosmetic procedures. Many treatments that used to take several days to complete can now be completed in a single day thanks to contemporary technology. An image of the complicated state of both jaws, including the placement of all teeth, their roots, canals, and jaw bones, is referred to as a “panoramic image.” The image unmistakably depicts dental implants and fillings. A skilled dentist may recommend a diagnostic technique, such as a Dental Panoramic X-Ray in Dubai, to reveal the true image of the condition of the oral cavity or a specific tooth. This enables you to make an informed choice regarding additional treatment or prevention.

The Aims of the Panoramic X-ray:

The purpose of a panoramic image is an X-ray examination of your dental structure, which enables you to evaluate the condition of the teeth fully, identify caries-affected cavities, and analyze the health of the jaws and oral inflammatory processes. The optimal approach to treating the condition can be determined by the doctor using this method on the patient’s teeth before any therapy. It is a painless technique and a diagnostic tool that gives the dentist a visual representation of the whole dental arch, together with the supporting bones.


It is recommended to use sweeping dental imaging. The patient’s requirement for a panoramic image of their teeth will be decided by the dentist. To treat a variety of oral problems, it must be manufactured. They consist of:

  • If applicants are suffering from an infection of the bone tissue.
  • If candidates have any illnesses.
  • It is suitable for infected teeth.
  • if there is joint dysfunction.
  • If bacterial jaw conditions.
  • If applicants have periodontal disease.
  • Any harm caused by machinery.


A Dentist-Radiologist in Dubai & Abu Dhabi specializes in panoramic dental X-rays. It is performed using orthopantomography, a modern tool that exposes the body to very little X-ray radiation. You must stand or sit close to the camera in order to capture a photo. The patient must next put on a radiation-protective apron to cover their chest. The doctor starts the process when the patient is prepared. The entire process takes no longer than 15 minutes and is painless. You must remain still throughout the procedure. You need to hold out for a little while more once the panoramic photo has been shot. The specialist will create an image at this time and give it to the patient with any necessary recommendations.

Advantages of the Panoramic X-ray:

This is a non-invasive dental disease diagnosis procedure, and you can get the following benefits from this procedure:

  • It is a straightforward process.
  • It is time-saving and ensures the dentist’s productivity while receiving a high-quality result quickly.
  • The resulting images are of outstanding quality and are jam-packed with data.
  • It made use of the most recent software, which has a number of tools for excellent, accurate diagnostics.
  • Easy management and convenient patient positioning.


The Cost of Panoramic Dental X-rays in Dubai ranges from 220 AED to 550 AED and is not fixed; several factors influence how much this procedure will cost. Some of them might include:

Cost-Influencing Factors:

As it is the most sensitive targeted area of the treatment, that’s why the cost can be changed by the following factors:

The Dentist’s Expertise:

A single problem can be resolved by skilled dentists using a range of effective and efficient approaches. Because it produces satisfactory results, the procedure becomes more expensive as the dentist’s experience increases.

Location of the Clinic:

Because the high nobility in the area demands more affluent services in addition to surgery, where the clinic is located also affects the price. Because of all those services, the actual cost of the total treatment has increased because they provide quality services.

The Severity of the Targeted Side:

If your expert is unable to solve the problem using one method, they will recommend the next session to diagnose your main issue; this can also affect the costs.

The Clinic’s Level:

The quality of the clinic also affects the price because the most reputable clinics charge more because of the exceptional and assured results that come from their skilled staff and superior services.

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