Our Patient Personal Experience About Rhinoplasty Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Pictures don’t tell the whole story of before and after, sharing my personal experience of Rhinoplasty with you. I was the victim of an irregular shaped nose and this two months procedure has changed my overall life, this surgery is worth getting at a dynamic clinic in Dubai.

Rhinoplasty My Personal Experience:

I was born in Islamabad, at the age of 10 I wasn’t aware of my nose condition but after reaching 17 I realized that my nose is not in good shape, I started losing my self-confidence then I decided to fix my nose figure. However, without the know how of any treatment, I always wondered who can fix my nose shape. It was big and irregular shaped, one of my friends suggested me a clinic for this issue, I visited that clinic, their doctors advised me to take some injections which can fix my nose shape easily. It was a bad experience though with those injections, they didn’t help me in altering my nose shape, which was very disappointing then I discussed my whole condition with another surgeon he suggested me to go for Alarplasty. I wasn’t ready for this surgery yet, but the surgeon convinced me to have this treatment. This treatment wasn’t effective, I had to bear pain and discomfort and gained nothing as a result. I was so upset with my nose shape after this treatment too and here is Our Patient Personal Experience About Rhinoplasty Dubai.

At the age of 22, I went to Dubai for my higher education. I was not getting time for my nose treatment because of my busy schedule but I was willing to improve my appearance. During my semester break, I visited Dynamic clinic in Dubai. I met Dr. Riaz, it was the best experience meeting with him. I explained the whole condition of my nose shape, the previous injections, Alarpalsty, and also the shape I want to acquire. He also clarified all the facts about nose refiguring and suggested Rhinoplasty Surgery Dubai then I realized this procedure is not about 20 minutes.

Medical Examination:

The doctor inspected whether I am a good candidate for this surgery or not. He took all my medical details including the daily medications, my smoking habits, physical activities, and health problems, etc. After going through from my details the doctor examined my nose condition through an endoscope. He took different photos of my nose from different angles, he also showed me the revised pictures of how my nose will look after having this surgery. It was completely a dream come true because I was so concerned about my facial appearance.

Our Patient Personal Experience About Rhinoplasty Dubai

The doctor also suggested me to go for 3D simulation to explain what changes I exactly want in my nose. I sat in front of a machine having three cameras, the light was flashed for a once, and the 3D image of my face appeared on the screen. I explained the desired thin look of my nose, the doctor assured that your nose will look like as you want and results will be natural so no one will realize that you had nose surgery. With the help of a 3D simulation, the doctor altered my nose on screen and showed me the pictures of before and after. I was so much convinced for this surgery after seeing those pictures, the doctor gave me some pre-operative instructions before having this surgery. I was not allowed to take medications that contain Aspirin or Blood thinners etc. He suggested me to stop other regular medications and smoking too, to avoid soreness during treatment.

Surgery Day:

On the day of Nose Tip Surgery, I went to the clinic a few hours before the operation, I was given a pre-operative examination and undertaking, which was the policy of the clinic. I was so nervous about my surgery then I thought I had to do this with my nose to get rid of embarrassment. The doctor visited me before the surgery to clear last moment doubts or questions. I was given Anesthesia by the practitioner then I fell asleep.

After Surgery!

After a few hours, the doctor’s team woke me up with the pleasant smile then I was moved to the room for a recovery period, I wasn’t in my senses completely, because of Anesthesia. After some time I felt a slight pain in my nose and swelling, I asked about this from my doctor, he said this is a normal condition, after hearing this I was a bit satisfied. Although my nose was covered with a bandage, I couldn’t see it. After a few hours, I was able to go out of my bed and I took a light meal as per my doctor.

Our Patient Personal Experience About Rhinoplasty Dubai

My practitioner prescribed me some antibiotics and topical ointment for efficient recovery. I was told to take a pain killer in case I feel swear discomfort. However, I left the hospital the next day early morning, with all the post-operative instructions advised by my doctor. After 5 days of surgery, I went to the clinic for the removal of bandage or other internal dressings, after removing I felt a big change in my nose which was the same as I wanted. I was so happy and satisfied with my nose it was like a dream come true, my nose was thin and proper shaped however, there was some swelling which was minimized after some days although this was the best experience of having Rhinoplasty surgery at Dynamic Clinic in Dubai.