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Well stated “You can be a victim of cancer or a survivor of cancer. It’s a mindset.”

 Nowadays, the maximum number of women suffer from breast cancer, which is a cancerous tumor in the breast cells. It does not only affect women. Both men and women can develop breast cancer, but women are maximum enlisted with the disease. There are multiple causes, like hereditary factors and hormonal instability. If we look back then, there was no cure for cancer, but now advancements in medical science have created many diagnoses and solutions as well as identification. Because of multiple social awareness campaigns, everyone is now aware of it, but it must be discovered on time, and then it is treatable. If it is not discovered in time, it has the potential to spread throughout the surrounding area. Breast Cancer Screening in Dubai uses a very effective method to identify and suggest your best treatment solution.

The Aims of the Screening:

Breast cancer screening is examining a woman’s breasts for cancer. Early detection of symptoms can change the entire game of life because if it is not identified in the initial stage, it can cause a critical health disorder. All women should be informed by their health care practitioner about the appropriate screening choices for them. Although the identification phase cannot prevent the disease, it can help detect it early, when it is more manageable. There are a huge number of methods that can be discovered, but selecting the most appropriate is important. Mammography is probably the most commonly used breast cancer detection procedure. Women at increased threat of breast cancer may benefit from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as well as biopsies.


There are some main indications of breast cancer that are discussed below. Once you feel any of them, then immediately consult with the expert:

  • Breast alterations.
  • Heavy pain and inflammation in the targeted sites.
  • Nipple changes and feeling discomfort.
  • A bulge or swelling in the breast that looks distinct from the surrounding tissue.
  • Changes in chest size, form, or appearance.
  • The slight discoloration is a deformation in the skin above the chest.
  • A recently flipped nipple.
  • Breast flesh peels, splitting, scabbing, or collapsing.
  • Similar to orange skin, skin irritation or cracking of the skin around your breasts

Techniques of Assessment:

Breast cancer screening in Dubai can be identified by the most advanced technologies that are given below:


Mammography in Dubai is a particular piece of equipment used to diagnose cancer. The doctor takes two images of the breast image. A lady must insert both breasts between two radiography devices to do this. She first places her breast on the bottom plate, and then the plate descends from above. The process is then repeated in another dimension. Within a few seconds, the doctor obtains a visual. The inspection may generate some soreness, but nothing else. However, if a woman is in sorrow, she shouldn’t be ignored and should quickly express her feelings. You should schedule a mammogram of your mammary glands a few days after your period ends. It is preferable to get a mammogram done at a hospital.


Breast magnetic resonance imaging in Dubai is utilized in screening mammography for the following purposes: Before surgery, certain breast tumors undergo local staging (assessment of the bout, location, additional focus, skin, and muscle involvement). The main focus is on occult breast cancers that cannot be seen on mammography or ultrasound. In addition, ultrasound assesses chemotherapy efficacy in individuals receiving preoperative chemotherapy. Combined with mammography and breast ultrasonography, it can be an effective diagnostic tool. It can detect some tiny breast lesions that mammography misses. It can also aid in the identification of breast cancer in women with breast implants and younger women with dense breast tissue.


Three types of biopsies for breast cancer screening in Dubai are available:

Needle biopsies are the most accurate means of diagnosing breast cancer and should be used before surgical biopsies. They produce results that are as trustworthy as surgical biopsies and save patients from avoidable surgical treatments. As for suspicious lesions; imaging modalities such as ultrasonography, mammography, and magnetic resonance imaging should be used, depending on which is better observed.

Thick Needle Biopsy: Also known as a core biopsy or a cutting biopsy. For this procedure, specially designed needles are utilized. The diagnostic significance of the tissue samples obtained with these needles is quite high. The surgery is conducted using an anesthetic, so patients experience no pain and can resume their regular lives thereafter.

Vacuum Biopsy: It is used to examine areas of suspicious tiny packs, microcalcification, and warping that have not yet formed a mass and are visible on mammography but cannot be seen with ultrasonography.


Screening of breast cancer at the right time offers huge benefits, which are given below:

  • Early diagnosis can aid in the detection of breast cancers when they are too small to see or feel.
  • These little breast cancers are typically less complicated to treat than bigger ones.
  • Identification can prevent you from having a huge separation.
  • You can get the best outcomes at the initial stage of identification.
  • The final stage of identification leads to the complete removal of the breast site.
  • It helps you get rid of pain and irritation.


The Cost of Breast Cancer Screening in Dubai is very easily managed. It is not fixed. It can vary relying on some characteristics, including the patient’s condition of the disease, maybe it will require a deeper test for identification; the skills of the expert; the clinics’ geography; if in posh areas, the cost will be high; the number of screening processes will be increased because in some cases, applicants have symptoms but it is not detected on diagnosis techniques. At Dynamic Clinic, it can range from AED 5,99 to AED 9,99.

Why Choose Us?

If you have numerous blood relatives who were diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer while they were young, you may require a more thorough screening on time, because there are more chances of cancer through hereditary transformation. Breast Cancer Screening in Dubai is a marvelous choice to identify the cancerous disease because we have highly qualified experts in these fields. Just fill out the below-mentioned form and get your first free consultation, discover your problem, and be calm about the outcomes. Our experts have performed thousands of successive and proficient diagnoses with satisfactory outcomes.