Breast Cancer Screening Cost In Dubai

Are you noticing a weird lump on your breast or are simply worried about your breast health? With a whole awareness month on your breast health, it comes as no surprise that most of the time this cancer goes undetected due to lack of resources or any other reason. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about Breast Cancer Screening , do not worry since we offer a personalized screening session. After the session, your specialist will guide you through everything and help you regain your peace of mind. Let’s discover Breast Cancer Screening Cost In Dubai and protect this vital structure.

What Is Breast Cancer Screening?

It is a detection process that involves identifying abnormalities and other symptoms of Breast Cancer at its early stage. This improves the chance of a successful treatment. It also improves the mortality rate and helps preserve breast tissues. There are many types of screening tests designed specifically to identify abnormalities. These include mammography, which is the most common type of test, clinical breast examination, where the specialist manually feels around the breasts for any lumps, and breast MRI, which is a more detailed examination and is commonly conducted after mammography for women with positive results.

What Is Mammography?

It is a medical imaging test that uses low-intensity X-rays to examine the tissues of your breasts. The rays penetrate your tissues and create an image in the monitor. This image is formed due to the different densities of your tissues. Denser tissues appear white on the image and are suspected to be tumors while healthy tissues appear transparent or gray. If you are suspected of any abnormality then you are sent for further testing.

Who Is An Eligible Candidate?

Those with a family history of cancer and women who are above 49 can undergo this. Additionally, those with a history of benign lumps or at risk of recurrence are recommended to follow a personal plan.

How Is The Procedure Performed?

  • You are given a gown to wear and then, a technician guides you to a screening room. 
  • Then, the specialist will help you position yourself in front of the machine and align your breast with the plate.
  • After that, a plastic paddle will compress it into the imaging plate from different angles to obtain clear images.
  • You will be asked to hold your breath during this.
  • Typically, two images are taken from top and bottom to get a diverse view.
  • The procedure is repeated for the other breast.
  • These X-ray images are then evaluated and results are sent to you.

What Are The Benefits?

You will experience multiple advantages. Some of them include:

  • Early detection makes it easy for specialists to localize the cancer and start a potentially successful treatment.
  • It also helps healthcare specialists to pinpoint any lumps precisely for targeted therapies and other treatments.
  • You will also get peace and your anxiety will reduce once the results of the treatment come back.
  • Timely detection can also help save healthcare costs. This is because late-stage procedures are difficult and more costly.
  • Detecting small tumors before they become advanced, helps women preserve their breast tissues and there is no need for myomectomy.
  • It also involves a low risk of radiation exposure. It only involves a momentary discomfort that disappears after 10 minutes.
  • This also helps you check your breasts and if there are any changes in the tissues. It can also help differentiate between benign and cancerous cells.

How Long Does The Results Take?

The waiting time for your reports is almost two to three weeks after your appointment. However, it may take longer, if the radiologist requires further scrutiny of the results. 

Expected Cost:

This testing bill most likely falls between AED 99 to AED 599. However, it can fluctuate due to personalized reasons. You can also consult your specialist and discuss your concerns with them to avoid any miscommunication later on. 

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