Loss of Facial Hair | Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai

A beautiful face = A beautiful life

In today’s day of age, everyone’s lives have become so busy and fast-paced that they do not have enough time to take out for themselves. Along with that they also do not realise how their habits are harming them. For example, too much stress and tension can affect a person’s beard hair, leading to loss of it. Hence, the procedure of beard hair transplant has been introduced.

People might think to try other methods before they opt for the effective procedure of Hair Transplant in Dubai. These methods may include the usage of certain kinds of creams, serums, masks, or eating vitamins rich in B-12, biotin, and niacin. These methods can be effective to some extent but are widely known to be short-lived and they also require an immense amount of commitment as well as consistency.

Get more information about what causes loss of facial hair, what is beard transplant, and the Cost of Hair Transplant in Dubai, through this article.

Why do Men want to Maintain their Facial Hair?

Nowadays, people base their life choices mostly on the current trends and fashion that are popular in society. While women want to look beautiful by using different kinds of makeup that also change the way they look, men want something different. Most men find their beard to be a major indicator of their masculinity, thus, losing facial hair can cause them to have low self-esteem. A fuller, bushier, and thick beard is considered to showcase their pride and maturity and a hair transplant can help them achieve that.

How does a Beard Hair Transplant work?

A Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai procedure involves a surgeon who uses small incisions for the transplant. It is different from how a hair transplant is conducted on the scalp. When a person is looking to get more hair on the head, then a hair transplant in Dubai is the best way to go, as in it the donor’s hair follicles are extracted from their chest areas, whereas, in a beard transplant they are usually taken from the chin site. However, like all other things, the procedure also depends on how suitable the candidate is, his capability of going through the procedure, and the amount of time and money he is willing to invest.

Based on such factors, the surgeon then decides on which hair transplant method in Dubai to opt for, either the FUT or the FUE, after which the surgeon will start the procedure and extract the hair follicles from the chin and process them. In the next step, the doctor will administer anesthesia so that the patent experiences no pain. During the procedure, the extracted hair is placed in a solution so that it can be converted into hair follicles that can then be applied. As the last step, the surgeon creates incisions on the area that needs to be treated, with the help of a needle and scalpel, where then the follicles are carefully placed.

What does the Aftercare Regime look like?

After the completion of the surgery, there are certain precautionary measures that the doctor advises the patient to follow. These include not exposing their face to sunlight immediately, avoiding stressing out the area of surgery by carrying heavyweight, being extra careful while sleeping, taking only the medications that have been prescribed to them by a doctor, do not unnecessarily touch their face or the treated area, avoid consuming products that have minoxidil in them, and lastly to keep themselves from using antibiotics.

How much does the Procedure Cost?

Like many cosmetic procedures, the Cost of Beard Transplant in Dubai depends on several factors such as the location of the clinic, the expertise of the doctor, the amount of hair needed to be transplanted, other conditions that the patient might have, and the number of grafts. Typically, the average price of the procedure ranges from AED 3000 to AED 7000 and can fluctuate based on the specific requirements of the patient.

Get your Desired Beard Look!

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