Liposuction Surgery for Whole Body in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Dynamic Clinic

In the state of quick-fix pursuers—Liposuction is a boom among all aesthetic procedures.

It’s a surgical process of removing fat from the body through suction. Primarily, it’s focused on recontouring fat-prone areas such as thighs, hips, and tummy. Yet, irrespective of this fact, you can now get Liposuction Surgery for Whole Body in Dubai after some apposite prescription.

*Below is the guide for lipo for full body and how it works*

Who is Best-Suited for this Surgery?

Above all, anybody who’s looking for major fat removal in their different body parts can have this. But if the whole body is concerned one Liposuction won’t be enough. You will be called for various sessions indicted to areas where fat exist.

Doctors mostly don’t recommend this surgery to patients with diabetes, blood pressure, or a weak immune system. However, healthy individuals are typically reported best candidates.

How does Liposuction Work?

Just as the name indicates, it’s a suction technique like a vacuum for the removal of unwanted fat. While sitting comfortably on a chair for only up to two hours can easily lead you to slimmer, better you.

This body contouring procedure embraces a small incision where the cannula is inserted. This cannula is attached to a small vacuum device that breaks down the fatty cells, allowing them to be easily extracted through the lymphatic system.

Appropriate for almost any area of the body such as thighs, hips, tummy, upper arms, or neck.

Is it Permanent?

Emphasizing on hundreds of patients, it’s found that liposuction is a permanent fat-reduction procedure, but only if you control your weight. The behavior of nutrition and exercise can greatly impact your body. If you have no plan of limiting eating habits, your body is not going to change at all.

Benefits and Complications:

A sexier body and contoured figure are the leading benefits of Liposuction Surgery for the whole body in Dubai. This body shape can be noticed 2-3 weeks later one session meanwhile we recommend our patients coming in once to ensure everything is under control.

Besides, when it comes to risks, they are so minor in contrast with the benefits around. Some people may have an infection, especially when if the surgeon is inexpert or they are unfit for surgery, however, this isn’t common. What people usually complain of is bruising, discomfort, and fluid accumulation.


The average cost of Liposuction in Dubai is AED 12,000. However, for full-body, the rates might differ.

Since everyone is different having a diverse fat problem, it’s impossible to conclude one amount for all. Our experts need to consider a few factors first before coming to any final decision. Health condition, age, or desired results may affect the standard rates.

Best Place for Liposuction Surgery!

The dynamic clinic has carried over 5,000+ liposuction surgeries than any other clinic in UAE. Our consultant doctors are always focused on bringing the best Liposuction in Dubai to deliver the ideal body shape exactly as per your needs.

We don’t only offer one liposuction method. If liposuction surgery is uncomfortable for you, we suggest other non-surgical alternatives as well. In contrast with other clinics which are keen desperate to put you in Operation Theater, our policies are unique, amazing, and make us stand out from others.

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