Liposuction Surgery for Gynecomastia in Dubai

A heavier and curvy chest is what everyone one likes but what if it is over sized and does not look appealing at all? Gynecomastia is the term referred to the abnormal and over growth of the breast in men . There is no effective treatment as such for huge breasts except  Liposuction surgery for Gynecomastia in Dubai. It is proven to give a bodily contour and remove the excessive size of the breast. Dive into the details of gynecomastia and its treatment. 

How is gynecomastia treated?

As mentioned there is only one effective treatment for gynecomastia in men and that is Liposuction surgery in Dubai.  It reduces the breast size to a very considerable level and ensures the candidate is reserved well with a flattened yet curvy chest after the surgery. 

How is liposuction surgery in Dubai done?

The liposuction surgery for gynecomastia in Dubai is done only by experts, especially in our clinic. 

The treatment procedure involves: 


A thorough examination, tests and investigation are the prerequisites of the surgery. The surgeon will check and analyze the areas to be incised as the main goal of the liposuction surgery. 

The candidate is told to avoid any blood thinners if he takes and is scheduled for the surgery accordingly. Candidates with hypertension and diabetes will require a special permission from their physician. 


Once everything is ready and the candidate is fit for the surgery he will be laid on the OT table. The surgeon will administer local anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain while the surgery is being performed. To check if the anesthesia is working, the surgeon will prick to check the response only then the procedure will proceed. 


 After the local anesthesia has become active the surgeon will mark the target areas that are needed to be sucked out. The outlined markings will be incised using the instruments.  

The after care

Once the fat is excised and removed the surgeon will look if the candidate is well oriented. The person is informed that he will feel pain after the anesthesia’s effectiveness will cease. 

What is expected in the results of the liposuction surgery? 

  • A flattened chest 
  • A curvery six -pack abs body 
  • Better confidence than before 
  • Well toned and ideal body profile 

What are the charges of liposuction surgery for gynecomastia? 

We charge around AED 10,000 to AED 25,000 in our clinic which varies from case to case. However, you can contact us for more details about Liposuction surgery for Gynecomastia cost in Dubai

What are the pros and cons of the surgery? 


  • Ideal celebrity- like figure
  • A perfect curvy chest 
  • Better approach in social life. 
  • A sudden boost in confidence


  • Mild swelling after the treatment
  • Pain after the surgery 

The final verdict!

Reach out to us if you are well convinced to book an appointment for the gynecomastia surgery. Our team is always available to guide you with any concerns either related to the procedure or for gynecomastia liposuction price. We will be more than pleased to serve you.