Liposuction Recovery Timeline, Tips, and More

For many years, people have been on a quest to search for an effective way they can lose excess fat. They have tried all the conventional ways that are common, such as exercising and dieting. While these methods are highly effective and are a healthy way to get a good physique, they might not be ideal for several people to get rid of the fat. This is because losing weight by following a strict routine of meal plans and workouts can be daunting for some people, it can take a long time to do so, people can get demotivated at any point of their journey, and it can make them eliminate their favorite foods from their lives.

Luckily, Liposuction Surgery in Dubai has made many people’s lives easier. The treatment uses suction techniques to help people get rid of fat on certain parts of the body, which may include the arms, the butt, the thighs, and so on. Furthermore, it helps contour a person’s body, which ultimately boosts their self-esteem and gives them the confidence to stand out in society.

Get more information about what happens after the liposuction treatment is done and what the recovery process looks like, through this informative article.

What To Expect After Liposuction?

After the liposuction surgery, people need to be careful during the recovery process and follow the instruction recommended by their doctor, properly. Once the treatment has been completed, it may be ok for a person to go back to work and their daily routine, depending on the parts of the body they got the surgery done on. Furthermore, in the long run, it might take the patient approximately 5 to 7 days to return to work and their daily routine if the surgery has been conducted on parts of the body that do not allow a person to function feasibly. Overall, it might take them 4 to 6 weeks to get back to a normal life, where they can do physical activities.

Tips for Recovery

There are several ways a person who got the surgery done, can do so that the recovery process goes more smoothly for them. These include,

Using Compression Garments

Wearing a compression garment can help encourage comfort as well as healing. This is because many doctors have claimed that it accelerates the drainage of anesthetic fluids in large volumes. This not only speeds up the healing process, but also reduces swelling, pain, and bruising. Typically, doctors recommend, that the patient wears such garments for 4 to 6 weeks so that the skin can go back to its new contour.

There are many other tips that a person can follow, such as

  • They should start walking whenever they feel sore after the surgery so that the blood can get flowing.
  • Icing the areas where the bandages once were can help make a person feel more comfortable

Timeline For Recovery

It takes the patient, approximately one to three weeks to recover. After the initial two weeks, the patient might start to experience a reduction in pain soreness and can have enough energy to return to work.

Liposuction Surgery Recovery Stages

There are many stages involved, which includes:

Right After The Surgery

A compression garment is used by the doctor on the areas that have undergone the surgery and an anaesthetic solution is applied, when the surgery is performed so that the patient does not feel uncomfortable.

A Few Hours After The Surgery

The patient is recommended to stay at the hospital overnight. After all, it is likely that after a few hours of the surgery, they might start to experience soreness in the areas of the surgery because the anesthesia wears off by then.

3 To 5 Days After The Surgery

The patient visits the doctor to get the cannula incisions checked and the compression garments removed.

The First Week and After

After one week has passed, the doctor recommends the patient gently massage their body so that the accumulated fluids can move around, and the areas can become smoother. This may also eventually lead to less swelling in the upcoming days.

What Not To Do After Liposuction

There are several precautionary measures that the doctor recommends that the patient follow. These are

  • The patient should not indulge in heavy exercises
  • The patient should rest to drain the anesthetic fluid
  • The patient should not take showers for 7 to 10 days until the incisions have closed completely.

 Bottom Line!

Liposuction surgery is a treatment to help a person get rid of the excessive fat in their body. The healing process might take some time; therefore, the patient needs to follow the instructions given by the doctor. These instructions may include doing light walking and wearing a compressed garment. Call Dynamic Clinic in Dubai today, to get all the information you need about the procedure.