Liposuction for Legs and Ankles in Dubai

Do You Want To Shape Your Calves? Get Liposuction! 

“Legs skin” pointing downwards due to excess fat mass can be the most embarrassing situation while wearing miniskirts, shorts or tight fittings somehow. Well, Good News! According to a recent study, Liposuction is reported as effective for ankles and legs as it is meant to treat bulging tummy or hips. Yes, you can take the fat off from the lower portion of legs, with a long, slim and curvy shape that would make the heads turn.

So that you know, this operation can transform your lower body shape so dramatically. –Here is the basic rundown on Liposuction for Legs and Ankles in Dubai. Continue ahead.

The Ideal Candidate For Legs Liposuction:

The ones who are tired of waiting to see an inch of difference in the lower body—by trying old-fashioned ways, i.e. diets and exercise are surely welcomed to have Liposuction. It’s not invasive as you think. Still don’t decide anything by yourself. Prefer to get an expert opinion by disclosing your health status, previous medical procedures and associated fears.


Liposuction is done on an outpatient basis. You can leave the clinic on the same day or perhaps after one night stay, depending upon your medical condition.

Here’s the lowdown on the step-by-step guide of the Liposuction procedure.

  • The area to be treated is sterilized and cleaned properly before surgery, and anesthesia is administered
  • Doctors then make a small incision in the directed area
  • By using an incision as a path, the cannula is inserted, which vibrates and melts the fat away
  • The fat is then suctioned from the tube or perhaps drained out from the body through urine
  • Lastly, you are stitched up and moved to the recovery room

Liposuction Aftercare:

Post-surgery—your legs are wrapped in absorbent pads. Mild drainage is expected but not necessarily all the time. You can prolong wearing compression garments to avail perfect legs shape, but it’s quite better to get guidance from the doctor.

Bed rest for the first seven days is highly advised as your legs are treated.

How Long Do Results Last?

The fat deposits treated with Liposuction for Legs and Ankles in Dubai won’t come back, but new ones can arise if you eat foolishly. Try to maintain a steady weight by eating healthy. Don’t overeat, maintain enough calories and walk after every meal.