Lipolysis for thigh treatment in Dubai

Get rid of the excessive stubborn fat on the thighs. Experience the perfectly contoured body you have always dreamed of!

We do heavy workouts and are constantly on a strict diet to achieve the desired slim figure to fit in our favorite dress. The excess stubborn fat does not disappear, leaving us disappointed and frustrated. But due to the advancement in technology, Dynamic clinic has come up with many non-surgical cosmetic therapies for stubborn fat reduction. 

It would be great to get the best Lipolysis Thigh treatment in Dubai from Specialized dermatologists to achieve the desired contour.

What is Lipolysis?

Lipolysis is the popular fat reduction treatment that eliminates stubborn fat permanently by breaking down the fat cells in the fat deposit areas of the body. It is an effective and minimally invasive treatment that works well for people of all ages and skin types.

It provides several efficient options for fat reduction:

Types of Lipolysis:

  • Cryolipolysis
  • Lipolysis Injections
  • Laser Treatment
  • Ultrasound
  • Radiofrequency


It is also called non-surgical fat reduction therapy or fat freezing. In this treatment, dermatologists use cold temperature (liquid nitrogen) to target the excess fat deposit on different body areas through a vacuum. 

Laser Treatment:

In this treatment, dermatologists insert the cannula holding the laser(low-level laser light) into the targeted skin. The fat tissue starts to melt as soon as the laser light gets applied to the skin containing the extra fat. Then, the dermatologist moves the cannula into the skin backwards and forward to melt the fat cells completely.

Lipolysis Injections:

This treatment shows remarkable results. A chemical solution consisting of deoxycholic acid gets injected into the fat deposit areas for fat cells reduction. Laser treatment for Lipolysis is effective and 100% safe if performed by an expert dermatologist.


Ultrasound technique uses a unique device from which the highly-intense energy beams come out to target the fat tissue, eliminating the cell membranes. The dermatologist specifically destroys the fat tissue without harming the connective tissues. 


In Radiofrequency therapy, dermatologists use electromagnetic waves to heat the fat tissues at 45 degrees, and as a result, the fat tissues get destroyed without damaging the healthier skin tissues.

Benefits of Lipolysis:

  • The treatment is less disturbing and has minimal side effects than surgical fat removal treatments.
  • As it is a non-surgical treatment, there are no high-risk complications.
  • The lipolysis treatment works best to eliminate the fat from areas where it is impossible to remove it through heavy workouts and a healthy diet.
  • It requires minimal downtime and no recovery period.

Candidacy Criteria for Lipolysis Thigh Treatment:

The Lipolysis treatment is effective and 100% safe for people of all ages and skin types. But, consultation from an expert dermatologist is necessary to determine whether the treatment is suitable for you or not.

  • You will be an ideal candidate for Lipolysis if you have smaller excess fat deposits on the thighs.
  • If you want to eliminate extra body fat and do not want to undergo surgery, Lipolysis is best for you.
  • You are good to go for Lipolysis If you are not breastfeeding or pregnant.
  • Lipolysis works best for you if you are physically fit, healthy, and not suffering from any deadly disease.
  • The perfect candidate for Lipolysis is the one who has realistic expectations from the treatment.

Does Lipolysis Hurt?

The treatment causes no pain because it is non-surgical, so there are no incisions and cuts. But the patient may experience mild pain or slight discomfort during the procedure, but there is no need to worry about it. The pain gets better and goes away through the medications.

How long does Lipolysis take to Show Results?

The noticeable results will start showing up within six to eight weeks after the treatment as soon as the fat cells on the treated area get disrupted. It is better not to gain weight, take a healthy diet, and do workouts as per dermatologist’s instructions to get the desired results.

How long will the Results last?

There is no specific time for the results to last.

The effects and the Lipolysis results ultimately depend on the individual patients and vary from patient to patient. There may be long term or permanent for some patients, and there might be no desired results for some patients. It is highly recommended and essential for the patients to maintain a healthy diet, balanced weight and try not to gain weight if they want to get desired and long term results.

Lipolysis Cost in Dubai:

The cost of Thigh lipolysis in Dubai is not fixed. The price relies on the type of treatment the patient needs according to the nature of the problem, the number of sessions, clinical specifications, and the dermatologist’s expertise. 

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