Lipolysis Double Chin Cost in Dubai

According to one poll, 80% of people are concerned by excess fat on their body parts, especially the chin – the complaint, in fact, has ranked #1 for the past four years in the row.

A growing number of people are also opting for non-invasive options that can provide them with the results they want without the discomfort, cost, or inconvenience associated with surgical procedures, especially when it comes to fixing aesthetic concerns related to face. Lipolysis is one of these non-surgical options, with Kybella being the most well-known version. The technique is particularly effective for double chins.

But how much does lipolysis double chin cost in Dubai? Is insurance going to cover it? Read this article all the way to the end to learn about these issues.

Lipolysis Double Chin Cost:

In Dubai, lipolysis double chin cost for one session ranges from AED 895 to AED 950. But keep in mind that Lipolysis is not a one-time treatment; many sessions are required to see fuller results. The maximum cost can generally rise up to AED 2559 for three sessions.


Cost is a crucial component in a person’s decision. It’s because it is directly proportionate to the commodity or facility’s accessibility. Anyway, because Lipolysis is a cosmetic procedure, it is vulnerable to a variety of factors. The following are some of the most prevalent factors that influence Lipolysis double chin cost in Dubai:

Location of the Clinic:

This is the most important aspect and receives the most attention. Cosmetic procedures are generally more expensive in larger, urban regions than in smaller, rural ones.

Experience of the Doctor:

Another key cost variable is the expertise of the doctor doing the procedure. Well, experience brings proficiency, and hence the increased expenses as well.

Number of Injections:

If there is a lot of fat to remove, more lipolysis injections may be required, which will raise the cost.

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Are Fat-Melting Injections For Double Chin Worth It?

Lipolysis or fat-melting injections can help you achieve a sharp, chiseled jawline with results that last two to three years. As a matter of fact, if you eat a nutritious diet and exercise consistently, the effects will last much longer.

Insurance Reimbursement:

Because Lipolysis is a non-surgical, elective procedure, health insurance doesn’t usually pay for it. But have no fear; many clinics in Dubai, including Dynamic Clinic, provide a variety of financing options to help patients overcome financial obstacles.

Key Takeaways:

The amount of fat cells around the injection site is reduced chemically via injection lipolysis. Deoxycholic acid is commonly used for this type of fat destruction.

Injection Lipolysis has been certified as an effective treatment for the area beneath the chin. But remember, even if the same issue is being addressed, the cost of treatment for you and your companion may differ.

Lipolysis Treatment In Dubai:

Overall, Dubai boasts world-class infrastructure comparable to that of any American or European country. The city is basically home to cutting-edge clinics and some of the best doctors in the world. Furthermore, due to the best infrastructure and the most inexpensive pricing, you can receive any treatment in Dubai at the most affordable prices. Because of all of these advantages, Dubai is the most sought-after destination for Lipolysis or fat-melting injections in Dubai.

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