Laser Tattoo Removal for Dark Skin in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Tattoos have become an increasingly popular fashion nowadays but after getting a permanent design on your body, you may come to regret the decision. Several tattoo removal practices are introduced to diminish the unwanted designs from your body but Laser tattoo removal is the most prominent approach. However, the ones who suffer from dark skin color might be wondering whether tattoo removal treatments work for them or not. But research has found that Laser works on dark skin too by having Laser Tattoo Removal for Dark Skin in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Laser tattoo removal treats the dark skin color by using a high beam of laser which produces high heat and breaks the tattoo color into tiny particles. It’s the FDA approved technology that eradicates the annoying tattoo designs safely.

How does Laser Tattoo Removal work for Dark skin? Which laser is best?

Laser tattoo removal treatment can eradicate the unwanted tattoos from dark skin by using specific laser technology because every laser can’t treat dark skin color. Dull skin-tone absorbs the heat and light more rapidly as compared to the light skin color which absorbs heat directly into the tattoos.

The most important thing about the lasers is adjusting the number of light wavelengths, practitioners must choose the right amount to break up the ink without affecting the skin natural pigmentation. RevLite and PicoSure Lasers are best to remove the tattoos from dark skin too, so now people can achieve better clearance in less time with these advanced technologies. RevLite can deliver 1064 nm wavelength which poorly absorbs melanin and it is more effective for blue, black, dark blue, and red tattoos but can respond to other colors too. Therefore, this laser type is only suitable for dark skin color.

Does Dark Skin Color Require more Sessions?

Darker skin color contains pigment colors which are more similar to the colors present in tattoos so people might be needing more sessions to remove a tattoo completely. Therefore, the size and complexity of the tattoo also define the number of sessions you need. Every dermatologist prefers to attend the Laser tattoo removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi sessions frequently because efficacious outcomes won’t be acquired if you leave a gap between sessions. Hence, the entire process can take some weeks to complete.

Is it Safe?

Laser Tattoo Removal for Dark Skin provides the safest outcomes only if the procedure is performed from an experienced practitioner. People will notice diminishing tattoos after attending a few sessions of Laser Tattoo removal but like every procedure, it has also some rare complications which can be faced by those only who have a dark skin color.

  • Hyperpigmentation:

When different light wavelengths are used on the skin it affects the natural pigmentation by leaving some dark patches on the skin which can be fade off within some time. However, the doctor will advise using some topical ointments to get off these spots permanently.

  • Hypopigmentation:

It leaves behind the light appearance of tattoos which will take several months or years to look normal again. Somehow, this complication can occur only if you’re not getting your treatment from an expert dermatologist.

  • Scars:

After undergoing laser tattoo removal, scars are very rare which can be faced if the tissue is damaged. Different Scars treatments help to overcome this concern safely.


Laser tattoo removal for dark skin is the wonderful news to the people who are having dark skin color and they want to get off the annoying tattoos permanently. So we can say that it has numerous benefits and few side effects. Some important comforts include:

  1. Non-surgical practice.
  2. Painless procedure.
  3. Removes the rigid tattoos safely.
  4. Quick procedure.
  5. No long recovery periods.
  6. It has no severe complications.
  7. It won’t leave any scar until you get the treatment from a professional doctor.

How much Laser Tattoo Removal for Dark Skin Cost?

The Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal for Dark skin in Dubai & Abu Dhabi starts from AED 5,000 according to the type of laser technology practitioners’ use. People can now get the best Laser tattoo removal treatments at reasonable rates by visiting Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic. Therefore, some important factors are listed which helps in calculating the cost of this laser practice:

  1. Type of Laser technology used.
  2. Number of sessions.
  3. Practitioners’ experience.
  4. Clinic Location.

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