Breaking Up with Your Tattoo: The Ultimate Guide to Laser Tattoo Removal in Dubai

Tattoos are getting into common practice nowadays. People feel like they will look more stylish and impressive by getting it. Several shops or clinics make these tattoos. The client can get it anywhere on the body he wants. This procedure is really painful but when people are enthusiastic to get it they neglect the pain too. The more they get tattoos, the earlier they are fed up with it. Their presence makes the individual feel ugly and unattractive. And then they could not find any way to remove these tattoos. If you want Breaking Up with Your Tattoo: The Ultimate Guide to Laser Tattoo Removal in Dubai can help you with it.

What is Laser Tattoo Removal in Dubai?

A tattoo is a kind of modification of the body. To create this, experts insert dyes, ink, and pigments in the inner layer of the skin. It can be temporary as well as permanent. However, their removal is not so easy.

Laser Tattoo Removal in Dubai can help to remove the tattoo easily. Unlike other traditional methods of removing tattoos, it does not cause any pain. However, some discomfort may occur during the procedure. In this procedure, the doctor delivers a special type of laser on the area where the tattoo is present. This laser breaks down the pigment in the tattoo because the pigment absorbs the laser. The complete disappearance of the tattoo takes some time.


It is a beneficial procedure that helps to remove unwanted tattoos. This procedure usually completes in different numbers of sessions. The outcomes are visible after some months. This treatment takes different times to complete for every individual because it depends on several factors. The size and color of the tattoo, the type of laser applied, and the healing process of the individual may affect the results. Typically it takes four to eight laser sessions. Whereas each session is about 25-30 minutes long.


The doctor initiates the treatment after a detailed discussion with the patient. He discusses his general health, past medical history, or any contraindications that may cause complications in the procedure. However, he ensures the appropriateness of the client for the treatment.

  • He talks about the expectations the patient has from this procedure. And explains the method and expected outcomes.
  • Cleanse the treatment area to eradicate dirt and microbes.
  • Delivers the local anesthesia to the treatment area to reduce discomfort during the procedure. Anesthesia is not used for smaller tattoos
  • Applies laser with a hand-held device to break the pigment in it.
  • Uses ice packs to reduce redness and swelling after the treatment completes.


Tattoo Removal in Dubai is an easy procedure but requires special attention from the expert because any carelessness during the treatment may cause burning to the skin. Therefore, the doctors perform this procedure in their office and suggest the patient follow the aftercare measure to make results appear faster and more successful. These guidelines may differ according to the patient and treatment area. But some general aftercare measures are

  • Retain the area clean and moisturized by using a chemical-free moisturizer
  • Apply a little amount of antibiotic ointment or a specialized healing cream over the affected region to aid in healing and prevention against infection.
  • Make sure to decrease your sun exposure
  • Refrain from saunas, swimming, or related activities that have a risk to cause infections
  • Do not touch the area unnecessarily
  • Avoid picking the area because it may lead to scarring
  • Follow up with your doctor to complete your sessions 
  • Cover the treatment as much as possible 
  • Do not drink alcohol and quit smoking

Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal in Dubai:

The Laser Treatments deliver the laser on the tattoo. It absorbs deeply into the pigments of the tattoo that are mostly present in the dermis layer of the skin. This helps to remove the tattoo more efficiently than other conventional treatments. The doctor prefers using a small pulsed laser on the tattoos. Such pulses do not cause scars, blisters, swelling, or any other after-effects. 

Moreover, laser treatment does not cause any discomfort during the treatment. The element of pain subsides due to the application of numbing gel or local anesthesia. It does not require a prolonged recovery time and does not cause any adverse side effects. Also, it lasts longer and provides more visible results than any other treatment.

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