Laser Nose Surgery Cost in Dubai

Any individual who’s wondered about laser nose surgery must have thought to himself at least once: How much is laser nose surgery in Dubai” Valid question. Well, we’ll discuss the cost in the third section of the article. So, continue reading.

Achieve a Perfect Nose Without Surgery!

Laser nose surgery is a 5-minute nose job that aims to improve the deformities of the nasal bridge or columella. It requires only local anesthesia and is most effective in correcting nasal passageway obstructions. The laser produces heat that softens the cartilage so that it can be modified or re-shaped to get a better nose shape and improve breathing.

Laser Nose Surgery vs. Traditional Nose Surgery:

For people with deviated and big noses, laser nose surgery is not recommended. They need to have major rhinoplasty surgeries. Contrastingly, laser treatment is effective for minor nasal deformities like blockages, sinusitis, etc. It is a feasible and safe technique and has no major side effects.

IMPORTANT ADVISORY: If you think you might have several nose problems, contact your doctor. He will perform numerous treatments at the same time in the same anesthesia.

Laser Nose Surgery Cost in 2021:

Don’t choose a clinic based solely on the cost. Always choose a provider that you think will give you the desired results.

“Affordability” is the first thing that naturally comes to mind when we think about spending money on anything.

Similarly, when it comes to the cost of nose surgeries, “what is its price?” is the most common question asked by patients. Well, doctors normally give a range because there are many factors that can influence it e.g. some patients may require smaller changes, while others can opt for a complete reconstruction of the nose, so the cost will vary accordingly.

On average, Laser nose surgery cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah ranges between AED — to AED —. Note that, this cost does not include charges of the facilities that the clinic provides you, the fees of the surgeon/ anesthesiologist, and aftercare expenses. Other additional expenses that you may encounter include:

  1. Medicines
  2. Anesthesia
  3. Post-surgery care
  4. Tests
  5. Facilities

Three Major Cost-Defining Factors:

Clinic’s Reputation:

The cost of nose surgery largely depends on the reputation of the doctor. If you choose the most popular clinic for your operation then it’ll surely cost you more. Likewise, the geographical location of the healthcare facility will also affect it.

Doctor’s Experience:

The experience of the doctor matters a lot. You have to pay slightly higher for experienced cosmetic surgeons than novice surgeons. However, never go with cheap doctors because they probably won’t perform the treatment correctly.

Nasal Deformity:

The type of nasal deformity to fix also affects the cost of laser nose surgery. You need to consult with a cosmetic surgeon for a total cost assessment.

The Takeaway:

  • Nose surgeries are among the most popular and preferred cosmetic surgeries in the UAE, and thus they are getting more expensive day by day.
  • Laser nose surgery cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah typically depends on the surgeon’s fee, quality of the operating facility, tools needed for the operation, and fees of the anesthesiologist. You need to see an expert to find the final price.

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