Keloid Treatment in Dubai

Keloids are very displeasing to see and discourage a person’s confidence in socializing. The reason why they appear so gross is because of the granulation tissue and the formation of a very disfigured and irregular bump.  Just like Keloids, there are many other skin disease treatments in Dubai our clinic offers at very affordable prices. There is a lot more you need to know about keloids and their treatment modalities mentioned down below. Have a look over them. 

What Are Keloids?

  Keloids are referred to as raised bumps or scars. They are normally manifested on the skin after the skin has undergone an injury or a serious infliction. They can either be very huge in size or just as tiny as a mole. Keloids can occur on anyone but it is said that people who have darker skin tend to have it more often as compared to those having whiter skin. 

What Are The Causes of Keloids?


When you receive a first or third-degree burn the skin surface starts to heal itself. This healing can cause a raised dark-colored bump in the form of a keloid. 

Cut and Wounds:

 If you have received any cut or a serious wound the healing phase will eventually make a keloid on the skin surface.

 Severe Acne:

 If you have hormonal acne or cystic acne and accidentally you have scratched it with your nails then it is very likely that a Keloid bump will be formed on the skin surface.


 If you have had previous then the sutures approximating the skin can cause the formation of a keloid scar.

What are the symptoms of keloids?

Slow growth:

You just cannot sleep one night and the next morning wake up with a keloid on your body or face. It takes about weeks for a keloid to form completely on the surface of the skin or even months or years.

 Raised Pigmented Scar:

Unlike other bumps that are formed in acne that are small and skin-colored,  keloids are raised pink and purple in color. They are highly pigmented and in the case of darker-toned people, the keloid is more blackish in appearance. 

Altered Skin Texture:

 A keloid feels different from your natural skin surface. It is rather soft and doughy whereas some can be very hard and rubbery to touch. They are very annoying to touch and therefore need treatment soon. You can see down below for keloid treatment in Dubai

What are the treatment options for keloids?

Steroidal shots:

 The steroid shots are very effective in shrinking the keloids to a very considerable level. 


This process refers to the freezing of the scar by reducing the hardness and size. Cryotherapy is more effective on smaller scars as compared to those that are larger and huge ones. 

Surgical removal:

 An incision is given from where the Keloid starts from the surface of the skin. This is an invasive procedure and hence it can cause postoperative pain.

Laser therapies:

 Laser therapies are suggested as the best Keloid scar treatment in Dubai. They work by fading the color of the scar and removing it from the root. 

How Much Do Laser Treatments Cost For Keloids? 

 On average the keloid treatment cost in Dubai starts from 500 AED with Pico.   However, your dermatologist will best tell you how much the laser session is required in order to achieve a complete treatment without any scar. 

The Aftercare:

Once you have received laser treatment for your keloid scar it is important that you should avoid sun exposure. Avoid excessive use of makeup in the treated site area. Use gentle cleansers and refrain from rubbing especially on the scar site. 

The Final Verdict!

 Our clinic is successfully treating keloid and other skin diseases treatment in Dubai with the best dermatologist in Dubai.  Each and every candidate we have catered has given us very positive feedback and has recommended it to others too.