Is There a Way to Permanently Remove Keloids


Keloids, an overgrowth of scar tissue beyond the original wound boundaries, pose a significant challenge in dermatology. Individuals grappling with keloids often seek a definitive solution to permanently remove these conspicuous scars. This article explores the landscape of Keloids Treatment in Dubai, examining traditional and cutting-edge methods, and aims to answer the crucial question: Is there a way to permanently remove keloids?

What Are Keloids?

Keloids are abnormally occuring scars that grow beyond the normal areas of a healed wound, resulting in raised, often itchy, and sometimes painful growths on the skin. They look gross especially on people with bright fair skin.  

While any injury can potentially lead to keloid formation, certain factors, such as genetics, skin type, and age, can increase the risk.

According to normal medical healing mechanisms, a wound heals by primary intention. when the healing fails to ocur in the regular way it often results in scar formation like keloids. 

Why Do Keloids Form On the Skin?

Understanding the mechanisms behind keloid formation is essential to address the challenge of permanent removal. Keloids normally occur when your body overproduces collagen during the healing process, this as a result leads to an excess of thick fibrous tissue generally black in color. Your genes, skin tension, and inflammation are the vital factors in the development of keloids.

Is There a Way to Permanently Remove Keloids?

The increased demand of permanent Keloid Treatment in Dubai has raised the need for the development of various treatment modalities. There are diverse skin types and environmental factors come into play, finding an effective and lasting solution is of great importance. Let’s explore some common keloids treatment methods:

Keloids Treatment in Our Clinic: A Comprehensive Approach:

Dubai, with its advanced medical facilities, offers a range of treatments for keloids. Our Dynamic Clinic has a multidimensional approach that combines traditional methods along with innovative technologies to achieve optimal results.

Steroidal Shots:

Intralesional corticosteroid injections are a common treatment for keloids. Administered directly into the keloid, steroids help reduce inflammation and inhibit collagen production. While this method can be effective, it may require multiple sessions for noticeable results.


Cryotherapy involves freezing the keloid with liquid nitrogen, causing it to shrink. This method is suitable for smaller keloids but may not be as effective for larger or more prominent scars. Multiple sessions may be necessary for optimal results.

Gels and Patches:

Topical treatments, such as silicone gels and patches, aim to flatten and fade keloids over time. These are often used in conjunction with other therapies. While they may not provide a permanent solution, they contribute to overall scar management.

Pressure Packs:

Applying pressure to keloids through compression garments or dressings can help flatten the scars over time. This method is often used in combination with other treatments to enhance their effectiveness.

Laser Treatment:

Laser therapy targets the blood vessels supplying the keloid, reducing redness and promoting scar remodeling. While laser treatment can be effective, it may not guarantee permanent removal and could require maintenance sessions.

Surgical Removal:

Surgery involves excising the keloid, but there’s a risk of recurrence if not combined with other treatments. Surgical removal is often reserved for large, resistant keloids and may be followed by adjuvant therapies to prevent regrowth.

Which Treatment is the Safest for Keloids?

The safety of keloid treatments varies, and the choice depends on factors such as 

  • The size and location of the keloid,
  • Individual health,
  • Potential side effects.

 In general, less invasive treatments like gels, patches, and pressure packs are considered safer, while surgical and laser treatments carry higher risks.

Why Choose Us?

For decades our clinic has been striving hard to produce effective and genuinely profound treatment in all the areas of the medical  industry. Our comprehensive approach for every treatment is in collaboration with the highly skillful team of doctors to help us to reach sky limits and that is what makes our Clinic a reputable and entrusted practice for every individual. 

The Final Verdict!

Achieving a permanent removal of keloids remains a challenge, and no single method guarantees complete success. Combining various treatments tailored to the individual’s specific case often yields the best results. For Keloids treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi where diverse skin types are prevalent, consulting with dermatologists who specialize in keloid management is crucial for personalized and effective care. While complete eradication may not always be possible, significant improvement and symptom relief can be achieved through a comprehensive and tailored approach.