Jawline contouring with Botox in Dubai

Get that visible V-line in your face with BOTOX!

The popularity of botox began to drop in the early 2000s, as new cosmetic treatments including facelifts, cultivation, and ULtherapy, hit the market.

Just like the ’90s corsets have made the comeback, botox has gained a lead in 2021. In fact, people are considering them more than ever. And they are popular for a good reason: Botox is an effective and safe procedure for improving facial appearance. It can correct wrinkles, fine lines, double chin and other skin disorders non-surgically. So as you know, jawline contouring is apparently its rarest usage.

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What is Botox Treatment For Jaw Contouring?

Botox treatment is the administration of three to five injections of botulinum toxin type A in the sides of the jaw: The ingredient blocks chemical signals from the nerves, paralyzing the problematic facial muscles. The goal is to iron out chin dimpling and sagging mouth corners. Overall, the procedure slims down the face and gives it a more feminine look.

Am I The Right Candidate?

While the injectable has been verified safe for folks who want to slim their jawlines, but it is important to note that it is not recommended for people aged 50 and above. These people should consult with a cosmetic surgeon to find the right treatment.

What Does The Procedure Entail?

Botox Jawline contouring is performed by one of our experienced dermatologists. They inject 2-3 injections per side of the lower face to provide a chiseled jawline. It is however important to note that it doesn’t offer a permanent solution. In general, the treatment is repeated every five months to maintain the desired look.

How It Works:

To shape the jawline, Botox partially relaxes the masseter muscles. The reduced muscle size allows the lower face to be narrower and finer.

5 Benefits of Botox:

Following are some of the many benefits of botox jaw contouring:

  • Enhances facial contour
  • Boosts confidence
  • You will look healthy and beautiful
  • Improves the appearance
  • Provides sleeker jaw and heart-shaped lower face

How Much Does It?

The average cost of jawline contouring in Dubai  is usually between AED 750 to 2300. The exact cost can only be found out after the dermatologist examines the degree of the problem.

Why Choose Us?

Before any cosmetic procedure, it is very important to find a qualified doctor who will perform it safely.

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