jawline contouring with fillers in Dubai

For unnecessary jaw fat that upsets your face cut, we provide a powerful injection that can curve up your jawbone quickly! Spare a few minutes for yourself and catch the best Jawline contouring with fillers in Dubai. 

Hate Double Chin?

Handling stubborn fat deposits can be challenging for everyone no matter whether it’s women or men. Tremendous workouts and pills are in use for decades to reshape the body but when it comes to the face, there is the biggest question mark. This is because the fats present in the face are rigid and too difficult to get off.

A bulging jawline doesn’t mean you give up. Despite typical jaw exercises and risky surgical procedures, there’s a way out of “Fillers”. One of the quick ways to eradicate a double chin and appreciate the new, attractive contours of the face.

Read ahead to find how this contouring process works and which filler is used.

About Jawline Fillers:

Jawline fillers, by name, imply that they fill up the jaw. But in actuality, their function is truly the opposite. Fillers gel when injected into the skin, the collagen-making tissues get activated which lessens the appearance of sagging skin, and bulging jawlines, and gives truly new contours to the face.

Since there are so many fillers available in the cosmetic market, you need to discuss properly with your dermatologist regarding the most suitable one. According to recent studies, the most convenient option for jawline contouring is Juvederm! It works best for out-shaped faces and gives a sexier jawbone that would make heads turn.

What Can Jawline Fillers Do For You?

Jawline fillers give your face a truly amazing cut that’s on the top of everyone’s wish list. Below are the usual changes these injections would make:

  • Gives sharp jaw contours
  • Balances the symmetry of the jaw
  • Minimizes the age sagging
  • Builds strong basis of face

What Happens During The Procedure?

The procedure of jawline contouring with fillers in Dubai is simple. Just like the usual injection, you can expect the pinching pain and perhaps you are done in a maximum of 15 minutes. The treatment of jawline fillers begins with applying local anesthetic cream, and later on delivering particular doses as advised by your practitioner.

In one session, usually 1-2 syringes are injected. 

How Jawline Fillers Are Different From Lip Fillers?

Unlike lip fillers, which make the lips plumper instantly; jawline fillers sculpt the jawbone. It’s just a matter of how you inject and how much you inject. In terms of appreciating perfect results, you need to find an expert who holds enough knowledge to deliver the right dose at the right place.

Expected Results?

Jawline fillers will result in a highly defined jaw bone with zero visibility of fatty deposits. The small difference in the jaw is noticeable immediately and keeps on improving with time. However, you can expect its long-lastingness for typically up to a year or two.

Besides this, for permanent results, attend 4-6 sessions. Plus maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle to prevent enlarging the remaining fat cells.

Fillers for jawline are effective, proven long-lasting, and 100% worth it.

How Much Is For Jawline Contouring?

For cosmetic purposes, this treatment isn’t covered by insurance companies. The average cost of jawline contouring in Dubai typically ranges from AED 1500 to AED 4000. Since there are so many factors that contribute towards cost fluctuation; you need to consult directly with our experts to find precise estimates.


Juvederm fillers are based on the concept of injecting the safest chemical solution on the designated parts of the face. So without any post-operative side effects, you can alter your facial look for a long period. However, this FDA-approved technique can be acquired at reasonable rates by visiting us!

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