Liposuction scars? Read ahead.

Since liposuction is a surgical weight loss procedure, everyone is concerned about scars. Well, temporary scars are acceptable but what about the permanent ones that don’t go away even after years? Despite being into myths, think for a second, is this point proven true? Does liposuction scars are permanent?

The doubts like above typically lead most patients to ask a very usual query: Is there permanent scarring after Liposuction in Dubai? To provide an appropriate answer to this inquiry, we collected an expert’s opinion and summarized it in this blog. Continue reading.

Liposuction and Its Scars:

Scars aren’t reported frequent with modern liposuctions. Since these liposuctions involve the insertion of small cannula via very tiny incisions— so scratches are less likely to be formed and noticed. And upon choosing an expert surgeon like Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya, there is no chance of experiencing undesired results. You will be going to love your new figure with no scars left over.

Why Liposuction Causes Scars?

“SCARS” Whether they will come or not, or would properly heal or not—all it depends upon your soothing capability, post-care, and surely the expertise of the surgeon. Only an expert surgeon knows the incision techniques to avoid scarring after liposuction in Dubai. Irregular scarring can be the result of a poor incision made by your surgeon.

How Long Does it Take to Heal a Scar?

Healing typically varies from person to person. Overall it takes 4-6 weeks to turn scars turn from pink to white and then merge into skin color. Besides, rigid and complex scratches don’t go as early as expected. That’s said, the first twelve months of surgery are important. Pay attention to your scarred tissue and get the dermatologist’s help if you instantly wish to treat liposuction scars.

Get Rid of Lipo-Scars Quickly:

Is there permanent scarring after Liposuction in Dubai? In short, No. They heal with time.

To speed up the liposuction scar healing, we instruct patients to wear garments over the area where we removed fat deposits. This could help to lessen the risk of infections, wounds, and scratches. Plus, consider mentioned tips below to quickly get off the unwanted scars.

  • Try using hyper-heal cream daily to reduce scarring
  • Use aloe-Vera gel every night. It’s better to get gel directly from the plant.
  • Follow every single tip advised by your doctor.

Treat your Liposuction Scars:

The scars that reveal you had any cosmetic surgery are now treatable. If anyhow, an untrained liposuction surgeon has left scars on your skin, we can help. Our post-surgical scar removal treatment can let you cherish clear, scar-free skin within a few sessions. It entails Lasers, peeling, scarlet and so many other options.

We are pleased to inform you that you don’t have to put up this distress anymore.

The Bottom Line!

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