Is PRP Treatment Good for Hair

What Is PRP Treatment?

The idea behind PRP Treatment is founded on the principle of restoration of the body’s forces. For this, the patient’s blood plasma is used, which is rich in platelets. Their concentration leads to new stem cells, which enhances hair follicle growth and hair regeneration.

PRP hair therapy does not provoke allergic reactions since no foreign drugs are injected into the patient’s body. This method of restoring the body’s cells is popular in trichology and dentistry, plastic surgery, and cosmetology.

Who Needs PRP Therapy?

PRP therapy can be used to fix several problems related to hair and scalp:

  • Slow down hair loss.
  • Treat dandruff.
  • Increase volume of hair in some areas.
  • Grow back hair loss in some areas.

How Effective Is PRP Treatment?

One of the most crucial questions that people opting for the procedure is whether PRP treatment is suitable for hair?

PRP treatment has a high success rate, and it delivers good outcomes. The remarkable results of PRP treatment of the scalp are due to a distinct method of blood processing. Increased concentration of platelets in blood has a powerful stimulating effect on the structure of the hair follicle.

Since hair plasma is obtained from the patient’s blood, there is no risk of infection or allergic reactions. The method is suitable for patients who do not react well to industrial hair loss products.

Duration of Treatment:

Course treatment is prescribed individually by a doctor. On average, four procedures are enough with an interval of 2 weeks. In advanced cases, maintenance therapy with a frequency of 1 session per month is required.

In most cases, PRP hair treatment is recommended for patients in a combination of other therapies, and it works better with other procedures in stimulating hair growth. It is necessary to use external and internal preparations for Hair Restoration.

Recommendations for Procedure:

What are some things that you need to do before going in for the procedure? Wash your hair before the process. Before and after therapy, it is recommended to give up spicy, overly salty, and fatty foods. For two days after treatment, you should not wash your hair to reduce the risk of an infection at the injection site.

Cost of PRP Treatment:

The price depends on the quality of blood processing, differs in different clinics, and largely depends on the equipment used. The cost of treatment depends on the number of sessions which are required to solve the issues. The price may range from 950 DHS to 3000 DHS.

What to Expect?

PRP as a treatment is recommended for patients with alopecia and baldness or severe hair loss of any kind. The technique is used for both men and women. The frequency and number of procedures are determined individually.

Furthermore, you may be wondering, Is PRP Treatment Good For Hair in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? How long will the results last? Does it hurt? At the time of performing the procedures, painful sensations from the injections are possible. Later, bruises at the injection sites are also expected—the intensity of feelings is individual. Since there is no rational pain relief, this method is not suitable for some patients.

It is necessary to follow the recommendations of the attending physician before and after the procedure.