is prp a lifelong treatment

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We all go through hair problems, and these have become an essential part of everyone’s life. Although we try so many home remedies, keratin treatments and several vital herbal oils to improve our hair condition. But many wise people go for medical cosmetic therapies for better long term results. You must have heard of PRP treatment in Dubai for hair loss. It’s undoubtedly an effective therapy, but a thought comes to our minds: Is PRP a Lifelong Treatment? 

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The Results are Dependant on Individual Patients:

The answer to the question of PRP’s longevity is hidden in your blood, and the PRP’s effects vary from client to client. 

Firstly, the Platelet Rich Plasma is extracted from each patient’s blood and then injected for their hair problems correction. Hence, a patient’s results mainly depend on their body’s healing abilities. Furthermore, longevity depends on how well your hair follicles and scalp respond to PRP therapy. If they cooperate and respond well, your hair will be enjoying the treatment effects longer. 

Several Factors Can Have A Effect:

Moreover, several other reasons can also disturb the lifetime of the PRP hair loss treatment in Dubai.

Every Patient Has A Unique Hair Loss Condition:

This isn’t an outside but an internal factor that has a vital role in making PRP different from each other. Every hair loss victim suffers from various health conditions and issues causing hair loss. You might relate to the following:

  • Heredity Factors like your DNA
  • Stress or a mental disturbance/illness
  • Side Effects or Complications from certain medications 
  • Poor Nutrition and Unhealthy Lifestyle
  • Using chemical-based hair products, shampoos, serums and others.
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Alopecia

PRP Reaction & Allergies:

Like every treatment, PRP has some contraindications too. Dermatologists at Dynamic Clinic never suggest PRP therapy blindly or without making sure that it will suit you with long term effectiveness or not. They conduct a detailed consultation on checking your hair conditions and more tests.

  • You will be asked about your medications and medical conditions.
  • Your medical history and chronic illness might make the PRP results different for you.
  • The leading cause of your hair loss will be figured out.
  • Your primary hair problems will be treated before PRP to make it more effective.  

Following or Not PRP Aftercare Instructions :

Here is why most of the patients cannot get the desired results, The postoperative suggestions. This step makes a huge difference; if the patient takes those compulsory instructions seriously, they will be the ones enjoying the effects longer, and the recovery period will be smoother too. But if you get the PRP therapy and leave everything on it, thinking it works by itself, and no care is needed, you are the one willing to waste your time and money. 

Although there are no chemicals included, still you have to take care of the following:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol consumption.
  • Refrain styling your hairs with intense chemical products
  • Refrain using powerful hair straighteners, curlers and perming tools. 

How can PRP’s Effectiveness be Increased?

If you choose to combine PRP for hair loss with other therapies, its efficiency and effectiveness can be increased.

  • Research shows that gentle and slow-motion massaging of hair scalp with warm (essential and chemical-free) oils can increase hair growth. 

Note: Consider this oiling option after the doctor’s recommendation.

  • Opting for low-level laser therapy can also help increase the PRP’s effectiveness by increasing blood circulation.
  • A diet full of vitamins, minerals and proteins can be helpful as well, making the PRP last longer by increasing its effectiveness.

Cost Of PRP for Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai:

  • PRP hair loss for One session costs 700 AED.
  • PRP hair loss for Three Sessions costs 1750 AED (583 AED per session)
  • PRP hair loss for four Sessions costs 1980 AED (495 AED per session) 

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