Is Liposuction Better Than Gastric Band in Dubai

Liposuction or Gastric Bypass? Which is better?

When it comes to exploring weight loss surgeries, Liposuction and Gastric Band (Bariatric) are two dominant choices. Both surgeries intend to reshape body figures but on different terms. So what is the effective option? Is Liposuction better than Gastric Band in Dubai? In this article, I stated the difference by concluding the leading choice. Continue ahead.

Liposuction Vs Gastric Bypass:

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that intends to remove excess fat. This procedure typically suits those who are close to their ideal weight but diet and exercise aren’t doing something for them. In contrast, Gastric Bypass is an obesity solution that brings a dramatic difference in the body by reducing excess weight.

Know that Liposuction contours bulging body parts—Gastric Bypass reduces overall body fat

Is Liposuction Better Than Gastric Bypass?

Just so you know, both surgeries are entirely different and effective in their means. One is for full body weight loss and one is for bulging body parts. Depending upon your fat condition you will be directed with the most suitable procedure.

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Liposuction & Gastric Bypass Results:

Gastric Bypass: Single Gastric Bypass will yield noticeable changes in the body that can be noticed after a few months. The average weight loss is around 5-15 pounds every week.

Liposuction: It often takes few treatments to get desired body shape after liposuction in Dubai. Especially when more than one body part is treated. However, the results are quite instant. As soon as the swelling fades you will begin to notice a difference in your body which gets improve over time.

Which is Permanent? Liposuction or Gastric Bypass?

Is Liposuction better than Gastric Band in Dubai greatly depends upon the longevity of results. So which one is permanent?

Well, in short, both. Liposuction and bariatric surgeries are permanent. But only when if you control your weight. Lasting improvements to your body occur by changing your behavior through nutrition and exercise. If you aren’t going to change your eating habits then your body is also not going to change at all.

Get enough walk, do some exercises, limit calories, and roll on the perfect you.

Which Surgery is Right For Me? Gastric Band or Liposuction?

Not all surgeries are made a perfect fit for everyone. It greatly depends upon your choices, comfortability, and fat level. If you are overall slim just want to contour body parts (i.e. tummy or hips) then liposuction can be an effective option for you. On the other side, if excess fat has hit you no matter for what reason, Gastric Band or Bariatric surgery can help.

Remember, you need to be medically fit for both surgeries. We strictly recommend a consultation with the board-certified surgeon so they can advise on which surgery is best based on physical and lifestyle factors.

The Conclusion!

Many people assume liposuction and gastric banding in the same category. But in fact, these procedures greatly differ. As stated earlier, both surgeries facilitate distinctly. Based on your fat level, you will be guided with the most suitable treatment plan.

We care for our patients and so their goals.

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