Hollywood smile in Dubai

 Aesthetic dentistry is related to beauty as you know.  Nonetheless no one will tell you that it also improves the functional integrity of the overall set of teeth along with making them more rigid and helps the teeth in withstanding external forces. Similarly a Hollywood Smile Design in Dubai is a new way through which the residents of Dubai are slaying in their smile makeover without having any difficulty. However there is one question which always arises and that is whether Hollywood smile design is Permanent or not.  This Article will answer this question in detail. 

 What Is Hollywood Smile Design?

  A Hollywood smile design or a Hollywood smile makeover is a dental procedure in which porcelain veneers are placed over the surface of the teeth to hide the imperfections, patients concerned with discolored teeth, cover up all the pitted and crooked edges. The veneers act more like a plastic covering and are solely placed in order to give you that sparkling smile you always wished for.

 What Are The Benefits Of Hollywood Smile Design?

  •  Fills up the gaps that are present in between the teeth
  •  Are responsible for correcting the Malalignment and irregularities of the teeth. 
  • Hide up the chipped surfaces and wear and tear of the teeth
  •  For the correction of discoloration and staining on the teeth that have being accumulated for a very long time
  •  makes the teeth more durable and functionally stable

 Is Hollywood Smile Design Permanent? 

 Besides its benefits and affordable Smile Makeover Dubai price there is a factor which people always come across is whether Hollywood smile design is permanent or not.

Hollywood smile design is not permanent and the chances of wear off is considerably high if the candidate is not following the post treatment care instructions religiously.  

Porcelain veneers do have a lifespan and over time discoloration in the veneers can be observed. 

 Moreover, their longevity depends on how well the candidate carries it. Things just don’t end here. The good news is that the porcelain veneers are completely replaceable and you can have the treatment again once you start seeing changes in your Hollywood smile makeover. 

Important Considerations For Hollywood Smile Design?

 Before you move towards the treatment procedure here are some important considerations  you need to know prior to the treatment: 

  • Your teeth should be sound enough to bear the porcelain Veneers.
  • You will have to go for the scaling and polishing teeth prior to the treatment.
  • A Hollywood smile makeover is reversible procedure and so you will require a re treatment after a few years.
  • Your natural teeth will require tooth preparation which involves cutting and height reduction. 
  • Your teeth should not be mobile or rocking.
  • A thorough general oral checkup should be done to rule out cavities, infectious and decayed teeth. 

How Is A Single Procedure Of Hollywood Smile Design Performed?

  • History and examination.
  • Scaling and polishing.
  • Extraction of decayed teeth.
  • Crown preparation of all the selective teeth .
  • Impression taking for records of dimension .
  • Porcelain veneer preparation in lab .
  • Adhesive application.
  • Placement of veneers on the teeth surface .
  • Curing the veneers through curing light for fixation .
  • Delivery of Post Operative instructions .

Note that sometimes not all the procedures of the treatment are done on the same day. you will be called for extraction on one day and the required time duration from extraction to healing ranges in between 2 to 3 weeks. 

Soon after the healing from extractions you will be scheduled for scaling and polishing and then your appointment for veneers will be scheduled accordingly.

What Is The Cost Of Hollywood Smile Design In Dubai?

The Hollywood Smile Cost in Dubai ranges between 900 AED to 1,000 AED. Following factors depend upon the exact price of the treatment:

  • The initial treatments required such as extraction, root canal and crown preparation.
  • The oral hygiene of the patient and the number of scaling and polishing visits.
  • The shade selection by the candidate.

Where Can I Go For The Best Hollywood Smile Design In Dubai? 

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The Wrap Up!

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