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Our Plan + Our Designs = Your Perfect Smile

Have you ever imagined how it would feel to hold a comprehensive itinerary in your hand before receiving orthodontic care? If you haven’t already, Dynamic Clinic Dubai is a good place to start. In that situation, we want to make sure that before you even have any dentistry operation, you have a design in your hands for the strategy you’ve decided or that the orthodontist has advised you.

Our facility’s most polished Digital Smile Design is recommended for individuals who want a full-fledged service organizer in their skills to help them relax during and after dental treatment, even if it is Hollywood Smile. 

Get to know about Hollywood Smile and Hollywood Smile Design Cost in Dubai by reading the article below.


What is a Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile is a procedure that allows perfect smiles. In this treatment, your teeth are covered with a porcelain crown cover or veneer cover that helps change the color and shape of the teeth to desired bright white teeth. 

Unfortunately, it is considered a concept rather than a harmonious procedure between lips, gums, teeth, and other orofacial structures. In some instances, the Hollywood smile has turned the teeth so white that it looks artificial. To avoid such concern, it is recommended to consult the dentist/orthodontist to explain the treatment plan more effectively. 

What is Hollywood Smile Design?

The goal behind Hollywood smile design is always to ensure that patients receive the perfect smile possible by considering many dimensions of the patient’s eyes, lips, and smile. We reduced the dark spots in the edges of the patient’s lips and increased the appearance of the front two teeth.

How Much Does Hollywood Smile Design Cost?

The process, which takes 40 to 60 minutes, costs on average, depending on the quantity of dental work to be done, the desired outcome, and the dental surgeon’s expertise. To get an exact Hollywood Smile Design Cost in Dubai, you are recommended to schedule a free consultation.

Does Insurance Cover Hollywood Smile Design Process?

Unfortunately, dental insurance is not specific to dental procedures if it is aesthetic, but if the process claims to be medical, the insurance company might reimburse the procedure amount. 

As Hollywood Smile Design is not a medically enlisted procedure, insurance will not cover its expenses. 

How Long Does Hollywood Smile Last?

It’s a lifetime cure, and the dental staff employs elevated materials and techniques in a well-known dental facility.

The session entails a detailed assessment using an X-Ray to identify the procedures obliged to give you a long-lasting Hollywood smile.

Treatment solutions such as implants placed or crowns, instead of fillings or dental veneers, are designed to endure longer. If your treatment is over, the healthcare experts will go over your follow-up options with you in-depth.

Can I have Hollywood Smile treatment?

Anyone with the following conditions can benefit from a Hollywood Smile Makeover:

  • Crooked teeth.
  • Lack of enamel is a condition wherein the proportion of enamel produced is insufficient.
  • Hypocalcification of enamel is a state during which enamel is only moderately mineralized.
  • Increased fluoride ingestion causes fluorosis, that is, tooth discoloration.
  • Antibiotics or other drugs can stain your teeth.
  • Acid takes away the surface layer of teeth in several circumstances, causing tooth erosion.

Get Your Hollywood Smile Design at Dynamic Clinic Dubai:

Hollywood Smile Design technique requires precision and accuracy, or else it may result in a dissatisfied patient. At Dynamic Clinic Dubai, we make sure that we discuss every step with you to avoid complications while achieving your desired smile. Our technical team is highly-qualified to make sure the design is as effective as the treatment itself. 

Free Consultation!

It is highly suggested before every treatment to schedule a free consultation. If you need to know more about Hollywood Smile and Hollywood Smile Design Cost in Dubai, do not hesitate to contact us. We make sure you have an outstanding experience knowing everything about the Hollywood smile design.