Hyacorp Filler for Buttocks in Dubai

Some aging signs also show up on the buttocks and thighs. Over time, these areas of the body lose volume, and stretch marks appear on the surface. Anyway, other than age, genetics can be the reason behind the smaller butts and flatter thighs. However, it doesn’t matter what the reason is, volume loss is treatable.

Do small butts make you look and feel less confident? There’s good news for you. Dynamic clinic is here with countless surgical and non-surgical treatments to help solve this problem. The treatments improve the size of the butts to revamp the body contour. Even though having flat butts is not a health risk, it can lower self-esteem. Further, it is likely to wear down happiness, and well-being.

While it is important that you first adopt Lifestyle changes to resolve the issue, but there is a greater chance that it will not produce notable volumizing effects.  So, alternatively, you can look forward to office-based Buttock treatments to achieve the desired body shape.

 What are Hyacorp Fillers?

To enhance your waist, you can use Hyacorp Filler for Buttocks in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. It is non-invasive, effective, and popular treatment to lift and augment the small butts. HyaCorp MLF1 & HyaCorp MLF2 are most commonly used in this treatment.

During the treatment, shots filled with non-animal, non-toxic hyaluronic acid are used, and consequently, there is no risk of complications. Anyway, you must know that these fillers have an extensive range, being introduced under different brand names. So, you should be careful while buying this product. Here, the best that you can do is see a professional. Dynamic clinic has a solution for every problem. It brings together the practitioner’s expertise, tools, and technologies to deliver unbelievable treatments to the clients.

 How Does this Solution Work?

This approach to small butts is based on a volumizing agent, Hyaluronic acid. A predefined concentration of this non-animal stuffing is injected in the buttocks to give them volume. Nonetheless, it can augment the thighs and calves too.

It should be noted that the positive effects of these Fillers don’t last forever and that’s why they are also known are also temporary dermal fillers. For most patients, the volumizing effects last for eight to twelve months and after this, patients have to receive the treatment again.

What Type Of Recovery is Expected?

While they are generally safe, you can expect a few mild adverse effects after having them. For instance, inflammation is very common after any injectable treatment. So, after Hyacorp Filler for Buttock, there will be redness, swelling, bruising and mild pain in the area where fillers are injected. Anyway, to overcome these effects, some aftercare measures are very important. Such as:

  1. Don’t take any blood thinner for at least a week after having treatment
  2. You should keep the treatment site dry. Even moisturizers should be avoided for about a week
  3. Refrain from performing strenuous exercises
  4. Sun exposure can affect the results, therefore, it’s very important that you avoid sunbaths

 Is It Worth-It?

It is an FDA-approved, safe, and highly effective buttock augmentation treatment and there is no pain at all. So, I assure you that the treatment will provide you with firmer, rounder, and contoured butts without any problems. Anyway, in addition to giving volume to flat butts, it also lifts them up. That’s its biggest plus point. Moreover, it is a cheap and good alternative to fat transfer and buttock implants since the cost is much less and the results are more natural-looking. So, if you are interested in enhancing your butts, Hyacorp filler is a good choice.


Enhancing buttocks with Hyacorp Filler for Buttocks in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is one of the greatest applications of dermal fillers. It is a non-surgical, and safe approach to volume loss in butts, calves, and thighs. Moreover, it is quick, just takes 25 to 30 minutes to complete. Anyhow, the number of fillers & sessions, the depth at which it is injected, and cost vary from person to person based on the desired results.

For more information about these Buttock Augmentation fillers, you need to get in touch with our experts. So, fill the consultation form or call us if you want to get your appointment scheduled.