Hair Restoration in Dubai

The effectiveness of hair restoration in Dubai depends not only on the surgery but also on how well you take care of yourself afterward. During the healing process, there are several limits you must be aware of, but you must also exercise caution while handling your head and hair. Our hair restoration professionals have put together this advice on what you should and shouldn’t do while washing your hair. Washing your hair is something that you need to pay special attention to.

Things to Consider While Shampooing Your Hair:

Lotion to Soften the Scabs:

Apply a foaming lotion first to the region or areas where you had grafts placed. The surgeon will give you a medicated lotion. You cannot use any moisturizer or lotion on it. Use only that. Apply the lotion, being sure to use enough to cover the targeted region. Allow the item to absorb for 30 to 60 minutes (the soak time can vary depending on the product). Specific instructions will be provided to you by your doctor or will be present on the label of the product itself.

Rinse the Lotion Off:

After this time has passed, be careful to use a cup to pour lukewarm water to rinse the lotion from the hair and the transplanted spot. Your new hair might be damaged by a hot shower or “power shower”. As well as by strong water pressure. This will also hurt since the transplanted location may continue to hurt for up to 48 hours after the surgery. And the treated area may stay sensitive for another 1-2 weeks.

Use the Shampoo for Hair:

Before shampooing after hair restoration in Dubai, massage a tiny quantity of your shampoo into a lather. The next step is to gently massage the region, being very careful not to use too much force as this might dislocate or even knock the new hair transplants out of place.

The Donor Area has to have the Shampoo Applied as Well:

You must be sure to thoroughly rinse the shampoo out of your hair using lukewarm water and a cup or jug, just like you did with the lotion. To make sure the recipient and donor regions are clean, you should wash and rinse them twice. Use just your fingertips to wash. Avoid using your nails to scrape the scalp because they might grab hair transplants.

Dry Off Your Hair Scalp:

You must not dry yourself with a towel after thoroughly rinsing your head and hair. Because they are so rough, towels can seriously harm your fresh grafts. They are able to knock them out or using paper towels to dry your hair after a wash is a best and safest approach. It’s not a good idea to use toilet paper or soft paper towels. Since they may fall apart after getting wet and leave behind residue. Thicker and more absorbent paper towels are the best to use. Pat the scalp very gently to make sure your hair is totally dry. At least move them.

 Cleaning the Donor Area:

After your hair transplant, you can remove the bandage and wash the back of your head in the afternoon. The steps for cleaning your donor area are as follows:

  • Before beginning, ask if someone can assist you. If not, make sure you have access to a mirror in the restroom.
  • Running the tap and using a clean cup can also work if you don’t have a shower head you can hold it in your hand to control the pressure.
  • Run the faucet while making sure the water is lukewarm. If you’re taking a shower, make sure the pressure is on medium or low.
  • Allow the lukewarm water to soak into the bandage for 5 to 10 minutes; over time, it will start to come off.
  • This will make it simple for you to remove the bandage and throw it in your regular trash.
  • You can wash your donation area after it has been made visible. Gently massage baby shampoo into the donor region using the flats of your hand, never your nails. This should feel a little sensitive after the first wash; this is typical.
  • With warm water, remove the shampoo foam.
  • No fresh bandage is required for the back of your head.
  • Air dry your hair.
  • Up to two weeks after the surgery, keep washing the donor region every day with the same method.

Are you Interested in Getting a Hair Transplant?

Feel free to visit our clinic if you’re considering getting a hair restoration in Dubai, but are still unsure of when you can resume your job. Our surgeons are here to discuss your treatment choices with you and outline the ideal timing for you to resume work. Send a request right away!