Is Dubai Good for Hair Transplants

It is normal to lose hair because that is how hair grows. A full head of hair is the wish of all individuals. Are you afraid you’re losing hair? You should be. If your scalp is losing more hair than it is growing. Then you should think about cosmetic operations. People use many hair cosmetics to promote hair growth. But they always end in failure. As your scalp may develop more bald spots with time. If you already have hairless scalp patches. Then you should consider our Hair Transplant in Dubai. We are Dubai’s number-one hair transplant center. We are in high demand for our hair restoration treatment. Because we deliver natural-looking outcomes. They use your own hair to transplant in the receding area.


The Hair Restoration in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is organic and reliable. Because they use your own hair follicles from the thicker side. The procedure is very aimful in the following way:

  • The procedure boosts your confidence.
  • It enhances the volume of your hair.
  • The treatment encourages the growth of hair and prevents hair fall.
  • It helps you to get a more youthful appearance.
  • It is also effective for male pattern baldness.


Hair transplants are a less intrusive procedure. This shows that some preventive measures are necessary. It helps make the process safe. If the patient wants risk-free surgery. The patient should take the following precautions to ensure eligibility:

  • They must avoid smoking or drinking alcohol.
  • Applicants must stop taking the blood thinners, it will help in recovery.
  • You should avoid eating too much fat.
  • You should eat a nutritious diet.
  • If applicants are suffering from hair loss issues.
  • If you want to enhance your hair volume.
  • If your hair is naturally less.
  • Applicant must have excess hair on the donor side


The procedure involves the following preparation. It helps to get impressive results and avoid infections. Applicants must follow the following instructions:

  • Avoid blood thinners and medications.
  • Stop taking other cosmetic treatments.
  • The applicant must skip the usage of hair cosmetics.
  • Applicant must tell their doctor about any allergic actions.


The surgery is simple and entails shifting hair from one area to another. The harvest area, or donor area, is where the hair is extracted. The recipient location is the surgical site where the hair is transplanted. Most hair transplants are done in the same order: extract and insert. But, there are two ways to get your hair back. Currently, the only surgical choices for hair loss treatments are FUE and FUT:

  • FUE: This procedure involves extracting one graft at a time from the donor site. That may cause tiny scars. Even though there is only a 90% of success, FUE is the favored method because of less scarring.
  • FUT: This procedure includes removing a full strip of hair from the donor site. And then insert the graft into the recipient site. Although FUT has a 99% success rate. Most people prefer not to have it done because it creates scars. 

If you want to seek treatment, you must consult an expert. The Best Hair Transplant Expert in Dubai will assist with the selection of the procedure.


The treatment for hair restoration is safe and effective. But applicants must follow the expert’s recommendation for magical results. The following is the aftercare guide of the procedure:

  • The treatment must be covered and cleaned.
  • Applicants must stop using the medication in the treatment area.
  • The expert will suggest you the healing medication.
  • The candidates must take painkillers if they feel pain in the treatment area.
  • Replace the bandage as per the expert’s guide.


The Cost of a Hair Transplant in Dubai is reasonable and can fit into your budget. It ranges from AED 6,999 to AED 14,000. It is not a constant price for the procedure. Because every individual wants to customize the procedure for their unique issue. There are many elements that can enhance the expense. The following are key factors:

  • The expertise of the doctor can affect the expenses.
  • The treatment center’s location and reputation may raise costs.
  • The need of the applicants.
  • The condition of the patients.

These are the things that play a role in treatment expenses. To know the ultimate cost, applicants must consult with the experts.

Why Choose Us?

The Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai is an affordable and reliable place for treatment. They have skilled experts that can fulfill your hair goals. Also, they have vast experience in hair treatment. They know how to restore the applicant’s look. If you are seeking Hair Restoration in Dubai. Then fill out the form below and get your first free consultation. They will tell you about the suitability of the treatment. After analyzing your condition and availability of hair.