genetic hair loss


Hair loss is more of a problem if it is because of genetic origin rather than any   general cause. No matter how much care you do if it is inherited then it will surely affect you. Hair loss is now curable by getting some kind of hair treatments done that are authentic, natural, free of side effects and cost effective. This article addresses some of the ways to deal with genetic hair loss and how you can cope up with it. 

What are the causes of hair loss? 

Hair loss can be because of a couple of reasons such as:

  •  hormonal imbalances
  •  lack of vitamins 
  •  blood deficiency
  •  pregnancy
  •  thyroid problems
  •  hereditary
  • Stress 

 All of the above problems can be corrected and eventually it can prevent hair loss. However, hereditary  hair loss inherited from the parents is very rarely controlled and you will need to seek a prompt treatment in order to restore back the long lost hair.

What is the difference between general hair loss and genetic hair loss?

General Hair loss

General hair loss occurs because of a collection of causes mentioned above and it can be acquired later at any stage of life. 

If any of the medical conditions that lead to hair loss are corrected and treated then it is very likely that hair fall can be limited. 

Genetic Hair loss

Genetic hair loss is one that is bound to 

take place and there is no other way to prevent it.  The genes of the chromosomes are coded with the information and so it will surely pass on to the offspring. Nonetheless, there are a couple of hair loss treatments in Dubai that can reverse the process of hair loss. 

What are the ways to deal with genetic hair loss?

As mentioned earlier that genetic hair loss is bound to take place only a sound treatment can help restore it like PRP or FUE. 

Here are a little details about them: 


PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. It is a constituent of the blood that is drawn from the body and then re-injected back into the scalp where most of the bald patches are present. 

PRP is a permanent treatment and it has very promising results. Your hair will regrow back within a very few weeks and you will notice that the quality and density of your hair will be thicker than before. 

PRP is considered as the best hair loss treatment in Dubai because it is cost effective. The reason why it is so hyped is because it is completely natural, safe and free of any side effects. There is no chance that the body will reject this transplant because it’s the body’s own constituent. 


FUE  is an abbreviation of the Follicular Unit Extraction. As the name suggests a follicle is extracted from a part of the body of the same candidate and that follicle is then injected into the scalp. 

It is expected that later hair will start to regrow from the follicle that is injected in the scalp. It is also one of the leading methods for the treatment of hair loss and since it is also natural it has no adverse effects reported as such.

What is the cost of hair loss treatment in Dubai?

Hair loss treatment cost depends upon the type of treatment used either PRP or FUE. 

If you want to know the cost then you should better visit our Clinic and get an appointment with the specialist so that he or she can suggest the type of treatment you should take and how much it would cost based on the number of sessions required.

The bottom line

Hair loss be it general or genetic both are deeming and discourage a person’s personality. The above listed ways to deal with genetic hair loss will surely help you to restore and regain your hair back with better quality, volume and texture. This is a promise!