How to Remove Pimples Naturally and Permanently

Pimples are the result of dead skin cells and excess sebum chocked in the small openings of the skin.  This problem is likely to occur due to abnormal activity of the sebaceous gland. Sometimes, these glands get infected and become clogged, resulting in painful, swollen, lumps filled with pus. Anyway, bacteria is yet another major cause of this problem, so avoid physical interactions with people who aren’t well. Further, getting vaccinations on time is very important.

Pimples affect up to 85% of people. If you have them, you might have low confidence and fear of being humiliated or rejected by others while attending social gatherings. A type of acne that resulted from clogged pores is somehow hard to treat but it’s not impossible. And that’s the thing we should be always thankful for in our life. This blog is specially written for shedding light on How to Remove Pimples Naturally and Permanently.

Home Remedies

Cider Vinegar

Historically, fermented apple cider has been used to treat pimples. It has powerful antibiotic properties, which help resolve skin problems. It effectively combats the infections resulted from bacteria and fungi. In fact, according to one survey, it can correct a wide range of skin ailments varying from mild acne to severe psoriasis. It can reduce the severity of pimples by 51% without scarring or any other complication but please note that there’s no strong evidence of cider vinegar being useful for this purpose.

Cinnamon and honey mask

This amazing natural combination can diminish skin inflammation to a greater extent. Anyhow, it is more extensively studied as compared to other home remedies. The blend is well known for its amazing abilities to battle bacterial infections.

Zinc Supplements:

Zinc supplements have been manifested to have incredible antibiotic properties. They play an important role in improving cell growth and making the immune system stronger. Zinc is a naturally occurring substance and in studies, it is found that people with pimples are likely to have lower concentrations of zinc in their bloodstream. So, if you want clear skin, zinc supplements can be a good choice.

Tree oil:

It is commonly used to treat a burn, rashes, and mild acne. When applied, it fights the fungi and eventually kills them. Please note that the application of tree oil on sensitive areas of the body can lead to irritation and swelling so don’t panic if you see them.

Office-Based Treatments:

While there are plenty of home remedies identified to treat pimples, but office-based treatments can be really effective. Here are a few important pimple reduction treatments to get rid of the problem naturally.

Laser Treatment:

The fractional CO2 laser is quite effective in eradicating pimples from the skin. It unclogs the skin pores and slows down the activity of the sebaceous gland to treat the skin concern. During the therapy, the professional uses a special, safe, and precise laser device to target the acne-causing bacteria. The effects last for several years and the treatment is quite quick, so I believe it’s 100% worth-receiving.

Chemical Peels:

Pimples can be reduced with Chemical Peels. In general, these peels are composed of retinoids, alpha hydroxyl acids, beta-hydroxyl acids, or phenols. When the peeling solutions are applied to the skin, the skin is exfoliated and consequently, the patient sees improvement in the pimples. Note that it can treat mild, moderate, and even severe acne so no matter what type of acne you have, it is an option.


Acne symptoms may be alleviated with microdermabrasion. Generally, it works to diminish mild to moderate pimples. It is a minimally invasive treatment, involving a special applicator having an ablative surface. It sands away the upper layers of the skin, downturns the sebaceous gland’s activity, and stimulates collagen growth. This all together produces a notable reduction in acne.

Do You Experience Side-Effects?

Side-effects vary depending on the technique used. For most office-based non-surgical treatments, the most common side-effects include swelling, bruising, pain, and redness. Thankfully, these negative effects are temporary, last for three to four days only. Note that, among treatments discussed above, microdermabrasion can be a bit serious. There is a chance that you have an upset stomach and extremely sensitive skin afterward. For serious and major side-effects, seeing a doctor is essential.


It should be noted that the prices of Pimples Treatment in Dubai are not fixed. The doctor decides the price depending upon the results you want, the condition that has to be fixed, and the number of sessions needed. To know the exact cost of pimples reduction, contact a skin expert.

Wrapping Up:

Although, pimples are extremely distressing there are many treatments available that can alleviate symptoms and provide relief. Anyway, you may have used any remedy at some stage but I can say with certainty that these remedies would not have succeeded. So, when you see the initial symptoms of acne, give any of office-based treatment a try. I assure you that you will be satisfied with the results that the treatment will provide.

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