How to Remove a Birthmark Mole

What are Birthmark Moles?

As the name suggests, birthmark moles are dark or light colored indications on the skin surface that are present from birth. They are generally painless but do not go away on their own with time. Birthmarks are extremely common in both men and women, affecting almost half of a population. They can be present anywhere on the body but we don’t usually require treatment to get rid of them. However, if you want to remove them, it is possible to do so with the products at your home or via the treatments available at cosmetic surgery clinics.

How to Remove a Birthmark Mole?

In some cases, birthmark moles develop into cancer especially when they behave and appear differently than regular moles. However, you must see a doctor immediately when you notice the following features in your moles

  1. Size larger than six millimeters
  2. Causes pain or bleed
  3. Abnormally or rapidly changes its color or size


As birthmark moles have several undesirable harmful effects on the appearance and social life of an individual so the issue should be resolved. There are different types of birthmark removal procedures. The appropriate option is chosen depending upon the depth, size, and location of the mole as well as the skin type, age, and other personality traits of the patient. Consult an expert plastic surgeon to find out which treatment suits your needs the best.

Some important birthmark mole removal treatments in Dubai are,


Initially, microdermabrasion was supposed to treat acne, wrinkles, and depressions only but after a few years, dermatologists started using this technique to help people get rid of their birthmark moles and sun, age spots. It is minimally invasive and delivers incredible results to patients. During the treatment, tiny crystals are sprayed on the skin surface to exfoliate the skin and reveal clearer skin. You should also know that no local or general anesthesia is needed during it because it is unaggressive and completely safe.

Surgical removal:

If you want to get rid of your birthmark mole permanently, this option is perfect for you. In surgical mole removal, the practitioner utilizes razors, blades, and scalpel to eliminate moles from the skin surface. It is ideal for those people who are looking for removal treatments for cosmetic reasons. Besides removing a mole, this method is also used to determine the nature of cells, whether they are cancerous or not. People who are healthy and undergo surgical birthmark removal are more likely to achieve long-permanent outcomes from this surgery.

Laser therapy:

Removing birthmark moles with laser does not usually require general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is enough to cause temporary numbness in the skin. You’ll likely to have incredible results of this treatment for your birthmark moles. In laser treatment, a beam of laser light is directed to the affected area to destroy the damaged skin cells. The treatment is a safe, very effective, and painless way of eliminating birthmark moles. To get more information about Birthmark Mole Removal in Dubai, get in touch with our team.

Cost of Birthmark Mole Removal:

The cost of your treatment will depend on the number of treatment sessions, type of treatment, skin type, the geographical location of the clinic, expertise of practitioner, and a number of problem areas. For more information about the cost of Birthmark Removal, please contact us.

Birthmark Mole Removal Recovery:

If you underwent a surgical procedure to get rid of your birthmarks, you can expect the scars to take at least 2 months to fade. However, you can also start using different methods to improve the wounds’ recovery time. Initial care for wounds is very important as they can cause some really serious infections if not well taken care of.

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