How much GPS Laser Liposuction Cost in Dubai | Enfield Royal Clinic

Liposuction is the first choice for everyone who wants to bring back the lost body contours. Since it has strict medical criteria, not everyone becomes eligible. But Good News! The dynamic clinic is offering GPS Laser Liposuctions at affordable cost. So the ones who don’t fit traditional liposuctions due to their health can easily have this minimally invasive surgery at truly reasonable charges.

Read ahead to find details on how much GPS laser liposuction Costs in Dubai.

About GPS Laser Liposuction?

GPS liposuction is advanced laser liposuction that helps contour the body parts that are resistant to even workouts and diet plans. It factually maps the laser energy beneath to bring the safest fat removal. Hips, buttocks, thighs, arms, and inner thighs are the most usual areas targeted with this procedure.

While having this done, you won’t feel any pain. Because the area being treated is numbed using local anesthesia which makes the treatment comfortable. However, since it’s a simple body-contouring treatment never expect too low-cost estimates. The use of advanced equipment makes this procedure a bit costly and only surgeons can give you proper estimates.

GPS Laser Liposuction Cost:

GPS Laser Liposuction in Dubai may start from AED 9,000 and possibly go up to AED 15,000. Total costs are driven usually by the treated number of areas, clinic reputation, and surely the skills of your doctor. Never come to any conclusion after viewing the brochures or advertisements; final prices are only quoted upon consultation after your surgeon analyzes your medical condition and cosmetic goals.

Note that: More areas mean greater charges.

What Makes Up The Total Cost?

The total cost of GPS Laser Liposuction is calculated by the following factors.

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Surgeon’s fee
  3. Time-required
  4. Follow-ups

Initial Consultation:

The treatment begins with a consultation in which your surgeons confirm if you are a good candidate for this treatment. You are likely to disclose cosmetic goals and previous medical history for a comfortable experience. However, this consultation is free in most clinics but when it comes to professional cosmetic surgeons, charges might be applied.

Surgeons’ fee:

Despite the surgery fee, there’s a fee your surgeon will charge as per their expertise and skills. Know that professional ones charge more than others.


Since liposuction is a time-consuming procedure, the total cost exceeds the complexity and number of areas to be treated. Usually, doctors inform the expected time earlier but somehow rates could affect the charges.


In some cases, one session isn’t enough. Your doctor will advise a further number of sittings and for each one, you are expected to pay differently.

Is The Cost Covered By Insurance Financing?

Medical insurance companies hardly cover the cost of liposuction due to its cosmetic nature. You can check with your private assurance company if their funds cover this liposuction or not. However, at dynamic when liposuction surgery cost exceeds high, we propose an installment plan that enables paying a big amount in installments.

The Takeaway!

Since each individual’s requirements and goals are different, it’s impossible to give one estimate that is perfect for all. Giving the rough range can help in some means but not entirely. In some cases, the total cost may go extremely beyond the particular range. This is the reason our experts are highly focused on in-depth consultations.

If you want to figure out actual estimates and wish to inquire more about how much GPS laser liposuction Costs in Dubai, consult our surgeons now. Just give us a call at +971 561772998 for appointments.