How Much Does the Cost of Profhilo Treatment in Dubai

Profhilo is an outstanding skin rejuvenation hyaluronic acid-based product that works to tighten aging and sagging skin. It stimulates collagen and elastin production within the skin for reducing depression, wrinkles, and many other aging symptoms. This procedure provides people with a more youthful physical appearance and high levels of self-confidence. While the treatment is very effective but the results take a lot of time to become visible. Many patients see results after a minimum of two sessions. But you should know that when the number of treatments increases, the cost also increases.

Who Should Use This Product?

Even though Profhilo involves hyaluronic acid but it cannot be used to plump thin areas like sunken cheeks, thin lips, etc. which employs that it can only improve skin elasticity and firmness. Profhilo is injected just below the surface of that dull skin which lacks healthy radiance and firmness. The hyaluronic acid present in the product tackles the skin flaws to improve skin elasticity. While this product can be injected anywhere in the body but you must know that it is ideal for the face, neck, and hands. Talk to a dermatologist for more information about Profhilo treatment Candidacy.

The product was initially used in Italy but after its excellent performance, it gained massive popularity in UAE and worldwide. This wonderful injectable is especially effective for fine line and wrinkles as it encourages the production of elastin and collagen- the two most important proteins in the skin.

Profhilo Treatment Cost

Only two Profhilo sessions can make your skin look more youthful and revitalized, therefore, it a cost-effective solution. Profhilo comes with minimal side-effects and the results are good so I can you assure that investing money in this treatment would be a wise decision. In addition, it will definitely save your time, energy and money that you have to spend in multiple salon trips every month.


The cost of Profhilo treatment varies based on the factors like geographical location of the clinic, causes of skin flaws, the experience of a dermatologist, the total number of sessions required, and the patient’s skin type. Let’s learn more about these factors,

Location of the Clinic

The cost of Profhilo treatment largely depends on the clinic’s location. Generally, health centers in USA charge higher than average so the treatment cost might be high there. Dubai is the hub of plastic and cosmetic surgeries with reasonable rates, so it is an ideal city to get Profhilo treatment.

Number of Sessions Required

Profhilo is not a one-time treatment, it requires a minimum of two sessions to produce significant change. And each session is charged individually so the total treatment cost is usually higher.

Patient’s skin type

The cost of treatment also varies based on the severity of skin drooping. Extremely sagging skin takes more effort of dermatologists to reverse and it also needs a prolonged treatment, so the price of Profhilo treatment is higher in these conditions.

Expertise of Dermatologist

It also plays an important role while assessing the overall cost of Profhilo treatment in Dubai. We know that certified practitioners are more expensive then technicians but this treatment must be performed by such doctors because if it is not done properly, could lead to severe skin infections. At Dynamic clinic, you can find qualified doctors who can best ensure your safety throughout the procedure.


Women with aging signs require more sessions than men. So, if you are a woman, this factor might increase the overall cost of Profhilo treatment.

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100% financing!

Although Profhilo is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that does not cost a lot, you can use our 100% financing with 0% interest option to pay the treatment price in easy monthly installments.

To learn more about how much does the cost of Profhilo Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, consult certified doctors at Dynamic Clinic. They will help you find the best skin remodeling treatment which will absolutely fit into your budget. You can book an appointment with us through phone, email, or consultation form.