How Many Injections Do You Need For Profhilo

Profhilo injections are the leading treatments in Dubai. Nevertheless, What is the main use of a profhilo injection? Profhilo injections are basically injected to  remodel and improve the skin’s cellular turnover by injecting the increased amount of hyaluronic acid. This enhances volume and maintains the integrity of the skin by restoring its elasticity. Hyaluronic acid in Dubai is not easily accessible and it is only available in the forms of profhilo injections or dermal fillers. However a lot of people are concerned about the number of injections they would require for  achieving the desired results. There are multiple factors on which the number of Profhilo injections depend upon and it is well explained down below.

What Is a Profhilo Treatment?

A profhilo treatment in dubai is a cosmetic procedure in which multiple injections consisting of Hyaluronic acid are injected into the skin.  The acid  repairs and adds moisture and improves the hydration in the skin. The end results show a plummer looking healthier and refreshed skin, free of wrinkles and fine lines.

Why Should I Get a Professional Treatment?

If you experience wrinkles and fine lines and you are done with loose and sagging skin then profhilo treatment is the right treatment of choice. it not just uplifts the skin but also evens out the skin if it is textured and makes it look stiff and tighter than before.

On the other hand one should also seek this treatment if they have noticed their cheeks are losing volume. The presence of Hyaluronic acid helps to add volume in the cheeks instantly. It does not disturb the symmetry of the face and makes it even more well defined and high definition. 

How Many Injections Do You Need for Profhilo Treatment?

It requires a great deal of study and skills to identify how many treatment injections are required. According to the board of Dermatologist it is the suggested  that 2 profhilo injections are done with the a month apart however following are some factors on which the number of profhilo injections depend upon:

Intensity of Skin Loosening:

Candidates who have a very loose skin and level of tonicity in the skin has completely eradicated then more than two to three sessions may be required. 

Age of the Candidate:

Young candidates who have slightly immature skin can undergo a single session of Profhilo injection which requires Receiving injections twice,  one on the day of the treatment and the other one month apart.

Achieving Desired Results:

There are some candidates who often don’t get satisfied with their treatment within a single session and so they demand a second treatment as well.  In such cases there are new sessions appointed and scheduled only if the cosmetic surgeon finds it legit. 

Based On the Cosmetic Surgeon:

Genuinely the number of injections required for profhilo treatment is completely dependent upon the cosmetic surgeon himself. only they decide how many injections  candidates need to take in order to attain the perfectly oriented results. 

What is the Cost of a Profhilo Injection?

The cost of profhilo injection in dubai for one session usually starts from 1,500 AED to 2,500 AED.For actual cost you should advice to visit to our clinic so that our esteemed cosmetic surgeons can analyze your skin and can charge you based on the complexity and the number of sessions you would require.

What Are The Benefits of Profhilo Injections? 

  • Genuinely ideal for the use on the face neck and the chin .
  • Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin for the cellular integrity of the skin.
  • Is not very pricey and is friendly on the pocket. 
  • Easily gets absorbed in the skin .
  • Comes with the least potential risk.

Where Can I Get the Perfect Profhilo Treatment?

If you are looking for the perfect profhilo treatment near me then you have landed at the right place because dynamic clinics have some of the well known and top notch cosmetic surgeons delivering professional treatment to candidates subsequently.


Everyone should feel happy in their own skin and no one deserves to be body shamed . On the other hand there is no harm in beautifying yourselves and treating it by lifting it up. The skin feels a lot stretched and  elastic. All thanks to the profhilo treatment.