Profhilo Treatment To Lift And Tighten The Neck

your sagginess in the neck deteriorates the entire look of your face. Your makeup skills on the face all goes in vain if your neck does not compliment along with it. Aging is one of the most prime reasons for wrinkles and sagginess of the neck. Thanks to the profhilo neck lifting treatment. It is a new technique that is used for neck lifting and clearing off the wrinkles. Profhilo for the neck and jowls works like wonders and is one of the must-haves in Dubai. 

What Causes Neck Wrinkles ?


As you age  the muscles of your skin start to lose its elasticity and tone. This is because of the decrease in collagen that keeps the muscles intact. The muscles of the neck are the most commonly affected by aging. As a consequence not only does the neck start to sag but also the jowl lines start to appear too. 

Post surgery :

If you previously had any surgery around the neck, or on the neck itself it is very likely that the skin may get loose in the future. As a result skin tags and folds appear on the neck. 

What are the Treatment Options For Neck Tightening? 

Facials :

Regular facials can tighten the neck to some extent but only if you get them done on a regular basis that is very less likely. 

Serums and creams:

The over the counter creams and masks available can also fade wrinkles but they have minimum to no effect on the jowl line. 

Chemical injections:

 Chemical injections like profhilo treatment are by far the best in providing promising results in tightening the neck and making it smooth and youthful. 

What is a Profhilo Treatment? 

The Profhilo treatment is an injection that contains powerful agents like hyaluronic acid that are injected in the skin. It hydrates the skin and fills it up.  It is performed in sessions and it is up to you how many sessions you want to take.  The aim of the treatment is to tighten the neck muscles and tone them up. It targets the area around the neck and below the jaw lines. It instantly lifts up the neck muscles making them erect and tightened.  Your neck will restore its youthfulness and hydration with just a few sessions.  You can check below for the Profhilo treatment cost in Dubai

How is the Profhilo Treatment Done in Our Practice?

  • The treatment is very simple and relaxing and it needs no prior preparation unlike other skin treatments. Fine markings are made on the neck using a marker where the injection is intended to be given. 
  • The Profhilo injection is then injected where the markings are made. 
  • Around 3-4 injections are administered in different targeted sites. 
  •  The patient is then left to rest to see the orientation and to figure out for allergic response if any. 
  • The patient is then told for the followup and informed about the next sessions 

What are the Benefits of Profhilo Treatment? 

The Profhilo injection benefits are fairly great and will convince you to have it done regularly because of the results. They include: 

  • Tightened muscles of the neck 
  • Instant lifting 
  • Profound and well contoured jawline 
  • Diminishes wrinkles and sagging around the neck 
  • Clears the necks folds 
  • Makes your appearance youthful 
  • Restores hydration in the skin 

How Much Does a Profhilo Injection Cost? 

If you are looking for a cost effective treatment then know that the profhilo treatment for neck in dubai price for a single session is 1500 AED. If you book two sessions then the price will be discounted to 2500 AED

The Final Verdict!

Don’t hide yourself,  let the inner youth display outside!
Book your appointment for a profhilo injection as you now know the
profhilo injection benefits. It is a holy grail especially for those who want a smoother, tightened and wrinkle-free neck.