How much does the cost of Laser Skin Tightening in Dubai

Everybody wants to have smoother and tighter skin and for that, they are ready to opt for various self-care and in-office treatments. But since self-care delivers temporary and slow results so mostly, people go for medical treatments to get the type of skin they want. Laser skin treatment is one of the most popular treatments for tightening skin, as its results are spectacular and long-lasting. When the device is aimed at the problem site, a laser beam triggers collagen and elastin growth in the skin to result in tighter, smoother, and firmer skin. An interesting fact about this option is that the loose skin is tightened without utilizing knives or blades.  Well, this blog is specially written to throw light on how much does the cost of Laser Skin Tightening in Dubai so, if you want to know about the benefits, risks, and recovery of this treatment option, you should visit our Laser skin tightening page.

How does it Work?

At Dynamic clinic, laser treatments are being offered at very low prices. But before moving towards the cost of this treatment, let’s discuss how it works. In this treatment, we utilize a special laser device to deliver desired outcomes to the patients. It is a safe and most effective way of improving skin appearance because a patient’s safety is its top priority. A laser device is brought near the affected area to produce a lifting and tightening effect. The laser does this by stimulating collagen growth under the superficial layers of the skin and by removing the top damaged layers. But you must know that the procedure has to be repeated several times in different settings to provide a long-lasting outcome. The number of sessions you will need will be based on your expectations and physical health.

Laser Skin Tightening Cost in Dubai:

Now after knowing how Laser skin tightening works, you might be wondering how much does it cost. So, as compared to skin tightening surgery, Laser skin tightening is less expensive because it is simpler and easier.

The cost of Laser skin tightening in Dubai & Sharjah is different for every patient. It varies depending upon a large number of factors but we have compiled a list of some very important ones:

Expertise of the Practitioner:

Expert dermatologists are more expensive than novice ones so we can say that the expertise of the practitioner plays a main role in determining the total cost of the treatment.

Patient Expectations:

The kind of results that patients need is a very important price-defining mechanism. Share your goals with the doctor to let him evaluate the final cost of Laser Skin tightening in your case.

Treatment Area:

The changes you want to obtain and the area that needs treatment, both affect the final cost. You can get this treatment on your face, arms, chin, neck, and many other areas of the body but you must know that the cost of treatment for larger body parts is higher than for smaller ones.

Location of Health Center:

The location of the clinic also affects the cost of Laser Skin Tightening. The prices are higher in England than that in Dubai & Sharjah.

Number of Sessions:

The results of laser skin tightening appear gradually, they continue to improve with every passing session. The doctor will review your medical history to decide the exact number of sessions.

Cost of Skin Tightening Dubai:

While Laser Skin Tightening ranges anywhere from AED 1800 to AED 11000 but as mentioned above it is not fixed, it changes based on different factors.

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Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic provides incredible solutions to people who want to enhance their appearance. Our surgeons have been performing various cosmetic procedures for over more than 10 years so the risk of botched treatment is very low. If you are planning to get Laser Skin Tightening, there is no better place than Dynamic Clinic.

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