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Hair loss may be pretty distressing and create a period of fear and anxiety. In reality, hair loss is far more frequent than most people realize. You are not lonely anymore. Trichologists understand the significant psychological distress that the look of your hair may bring.

Hair loss, receding hair, skin issues, and being dissatisfied with the overall quality of your hair are all significant causes of poor self-esteem and stress. Feeling confident with your hair, on the other hand, may improve your emotions and give you a confidence boost like no other.

What exactly is a trichologist?

A trichologist is a specialist in skin and hair health. They are trichology specialists, the research and architecture of all hair kinds, and hair and scalp disorders. Trichologists in Dubai can assist customers with women and men pattern hair loss issues to alopecia areata symptoms.

Is a trichologist a doctor?

Trichologists are not doctors, but they specialize in human hair, similar to how chiropodists are not doctors but specialize in feet. They approach the research of scalp and hair holistically, providing guidance depending on the lifestyle, food, and hair health. On the other side, dermatologists are medical professionals that specialize in skin care across the body, not only the scalp.

What is the cost of seeing a trichologist?

The initial consultation at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is entirely free of charge. To arrange the second visit, just an AED – deposit is necessary. Trichologists are not physicians and do not accept insurance. All discussions are private and private. Other factors that influence treatment costs include the kind of hair loss treatment in Dubai, clinic location, trichologist charge, and degree of hair loss.

Reasons to See a Trichologist

Trichologists treat a variety of hair and scalp issues, including:

Hair Loss in Men and Women (Pattern Baldness)

In both males and women, pattern hair loss is a prevalent hair loss or alopecia. For men, hair falls out in a predictable rhythm, beginning above both temples and finally receding to create a distinctive “M” shape. Females are far more likely than men to have general hair loss without a receding hairline.

Aside from the emotional implications of hair loss, men’s baldness has been linked to several major physical disorders, notably coronary heart disease, testicular enlargement, diabetes, and hypertension.

Hair loss is linked to an increased risk of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a hormone disorder that can induce irregular periods, acne, and weight gain. If you suffer from this hair problem, go for a Hair Transplant in Dubai.

Shedding of Hair

Hair loss, also called telogen effluvium, happens when vast portions of hair fall off the scalp. Stress, trauma, high fevers, blood loss, hormone imbalances, and delivery can all contribute to this. Some chemotherapy medicines cause hair loss as a negative effect.

A trichologist may be a brilliant place to start if you’re experiencing hair loss. They must refer you to a surgeon who can assist you with underlying issues.

Alopecia Scarring

Bruising alopecia is a disorder in which hair follicles are damaged, resulting in permanent hair loss. This issue may be treatable with the aid of a trichologist. Patients with scarring alopecia can occasionally regain hair if treated early. In some circumstances, the loss of hair is irreversible.

Scarring alopecia is induced by inflammatory diseases, chemicals such as hair relaxers, and a variety of fungal infections.

Excessive Hair Growth in Women

Women who have hirsutism, or abnormal hair growth, may notice uneven hair progress on their face or body. Women frequently experience hair development in areas where men have hair, but women do not, such as the upper lip, jaw, chest, and spine. Hirsutism is induced by an overabundance of androgen, a male hormone.

In women, PCOS is frequently the cause of hirsutism. It can also be caused by pituitary, renal, or endocrine system abnormalities and adverse drug effects. Depending on the underlying reason, a trichologist could be capable of treating the issue or refer you to the appropriate specialist for a diagnosis.

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