How Much Does a Thread Lift Cost

If you are planning to have a Thread Lift in Dubai, UAE, want to tighten loose skin, and looking for the best doctor or clinic, you should come to Dynamic clinic. Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya has decades of experience with Thread lifts, body contouring, liposuction, tummy tuck, and other cosmetic surgeries. Tightening loose facial skin is harder than it sounds. Dr. Majeed customizes the patient’s face to make it look extremely aesthetically pleasing. Besides, he uses temporary sutures that give them more comfortable, faster, and smoother recovery. For basic info about thread lift, its benefits, costs, sessions, procedure, continue to read.

Understanding Thread Lift:

Most people, especially women choose to undergo a thread lift to tighten and smooth out the facial skin. Well, you may want this treatment if you have unattractive skin due to aging, sun exposure, or rapid weight fluctuations.

A thread lift aka fine thread contouring lifts the sagging tissues of the face to produce a controlled lifting effect on the skin laxity. It aims to change the appearance of the skin and claims to produce a younger-looking, smoother, and more beautiful facial profile. Because it is performed by a cosmetic surgeon so it isn’t usually covered by health insurance. Likewise, please note that the results are not permanent. They subside within 1 to 3 years depending on the type of skin the patient has and the number of sessions he/she has taken.

While it may seem like a simple, and quick procedure, it is not true at all. In fact, it is minimally invasive and requires a lot of time to complete. Plus, you need a highly trained practitioner for this procedure else you may not be achieving the desired results.

Any cosmetic procedure can be potentially life-changing so remember not to rush into any treatment ever. Find an experienced surgeon as he will understand this thing and will not pressurize you in making any decision before you are ready.

Insurance Coverage:

The relief that this cosmetic treatment brings is clear and real. But what about the costs? Unluckily, they are just as real and clear.

Because a thread lift is a cosmetic procedure-you want it, but it is not really needed- so insurance won’t cover it. 

Now let’s figure out how you can pay for it. Even if you have pretty good insurance, you will have to pay a lot of out of pocket costs for this procedure. It is vital to ask the surgeon about the cost at the initial consultation session.

So, How much does a Thread Lift normally Cost in Dubai?

The average cost of a simple Thread lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah starts from AED 1,499 and it differs widely by surgeon, facility, clinic, and region.

Well, the exact price depends on a lot of factors. The practitioner may charge more if he is very experienced. Prices also differ by area. Furthermore, the treatment may cost you more if you have more severe skin sagging. Apart from that, you also will pay for things beyond the procedure including anesthesia charges, operating room facility, recovery, and follow-up expenses. All of these factors influence to increase the cost of treatment.

What to Consider Before the Treatment?

Before you make the final decision, set up a consultation with a surgeon to discuss the cost details. You may get started with the following questions:

  1. Do the costs cover my follow up expenses?
  2. Can you provide me exact cost figures?
  3. Do you have any financial scheme?

Make sure the prices are worth the risks and benefits for you. 

Why Choose Us?

Our doctors use safe and advanced equipment so they can fix nearly all cosmetic concerns and health problems without complications. Besides, our qualified and experienced surgeons have performed over 350,000 Thread Lifts to date and they understand well all the patient satisfaction factors that allow them to inaugurate protocols and personalize individual care to each sufferer. However, our commitment to patient satisfaction and safety also means that you’ll receive a proper physical assessment before any cosmetic procedure you try.

I hope now you have an idea of how much does thread lift costs in Dubai, & Sharjah. If you want more information, please contact Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai.