sports mouth guards in dubai

Players and sports persons are at a very high risk of facial trauma. It is because the games they play involve hitting, especially targeting the mouth area. Within the mouth, the teeth are most sensitive and vulnerable to distortion and fracture.This is the reason sports mouth guards in Dubai have become very common and legit for use. Sports mouthguards are fabricated through a very complex procedure. Only well trained and skillful dentists can be able to produce an ideal sports mouth guard like the ones available in Enfield Royal clinic.

How Is A Sports Mouth Guard Made?

As told earlier sports mouth guards have to go through a very complex and precise process in order to be made. In comparison to other countries, the sports mouth guards cost in Dubai is very reasonable.


In order to receive a custom made mouthguard you have to seek an appointment with your dentist. The reason why sports mouthguards in Dubai are custom made is because of the variations and differences in every individual’s mouth. Your dentist will examine your entire oral cavity before giving you a mouth guard.

Impression And Size:

This is the most important step of this preclude. Thi9s is mainly because the end mouth appliance will depend on this step. Your dentist will take the size of your mouth using a n impression material. The material will flow through each and every structure of your mouth including the inner folds and jaw.

Preparation Of A Model:

Once the dentist has taken the impression of your mouth it is then left to set. After the material has been set another material is poured within the cast. When the poured material is dried, it comes out as the exact replica of your mouth. A perfect replica means a perfect sports mouth guard. Any error while taking the impression will be carried in the final model. As a result it will also be shown in the mouth guard. The dentists present in Enfield Royal clinic are very well versed in taking impressions. This is why they are tagged to make the Best Sports mouth guards in Dubai. 

Fabrication Of The Mouth Guard:

Once the model is ready a silicone or rubber based material is heated to an extent where it can be molded. It is then placed over the model of the mouth. The specialist will carve the material and give it the exact look of a mouth guard.

Trial And Insertion:

Once the sports mouth guard in Dubai is fabricated the patient is called. The dentist then places the mouth guard within the patient’s mouth to check whether the mouth guard is fitting correctly or not. The patient is asked about discomforts if any. When everything is thoroughly  checked the patient is then sent home with some aftercare instructions. You can use Sports mouth guards for sleeping also if you have the habit of night grinding.

Follow Ups:

In Enfield Royal clinic every patient is called after delivering sports mouth guards. Rest assured that the patient is doing fine with the mouth guard.

How much does the mouth guard cost?
Enfield Royal Clinic produces the Best sports Mouth guard in Dubai.  Hence the cost varies depending upon the complexity of the fabrication of the mouth guard. The sports mouth guard cost in Dubai starts from 3000 AED.

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