Sports Guards Designs

Prevent yourself from dental injuries. Wear custom-made Sports Guards in Dubai—designed to fit perfectly with your dental arches. Get yours now!

Craft your Sports Guard Design! Whether you know what exactly you want in your Sports Mouth guard, or are simply intrigued, you now have an option of Custom made sports guard designs in Dubai.

You’ll be delighted to know that you can alter the key features as well as those tiny details that make a notable difference. To be specific, we offer single and dual high-quality mouth guards. They are going to fit your mouth well, and protect you from tooth injuries in contact sports. So, whether you’re a cricketer, footballer, or boxer we can design your mouthguard for you. Feel free to contact us.


Your sports guard will:

  • Prevent injuries during contact sports
  • Allow you to keep your teeth healthy
  • Avoid tooth fractures and tooth loss
  • Act as a shock absorber, protecting from trauma
  • A wide variety of ready-to-wear mouthguards is available, making it a perfect fit for any teeth

Types Of Sports Guards:

There are two major types of sports guards in Dubai:

  1. Single-arch: These types of Guards are designed to cover the upper jaw only, allowing the mouth to move freely. In addition, since your upper jaw is fixed in this mouthguard, dental injuries are easily prevented.
  2. Dual-arch:Both upper and lower jaw are protected with this mouthguard. It’s usually preferred when a greater level of perfection is required. Please note that dual arch sports guards are quite difficult to wear than a single arch. 

What are Custom Sports Mouthguards?

These sports mouthguards are literally created for you. You can choose any color in its design and get yourself that perfect mouthguard.

Be sure that your custom-made mouthguard is professionally and thoroughly assessed before it’s given to you.


The dental professional will talk about your requirements and will take several measurements – the impression of your teeth – and then create a pattern from which your mouthguard will be made. It is however important to note that these mouth guards are more expensive than the ready-made mouth guards available at general stores.

Important Considerations On Designs:

Mouth guards are created under the direction and supervision of dental professionals so, before you get any, make sure he is trained in creating these guards. Also, make sure,

  • The dental appliance fits perfectly
  • You talk with the professional comfortably

Why Choose Us?

We care about you. Dynamic clinic has 15+ years of experience in the beauty industry and has established a huge fan following since opening. Our dental professionals are qualified and certified and have vast knowledge and expertise.

Don’t delay! With dynamic clinic’s technical expertise and feel for design, get yourself a comfortable, and tailor-made Sport Mouthguard.

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