How Much Does a Chin Surgery Cost - Chin Implants Price & Deals


Men and women often grow self-conscious about the appearance of their chin due to its impact on their side profiles. Chin surgery may assist in enhancing the low jaw to provide them with defining features from every angle. However, patients must consider and note a few things before choosing to opt for chin surgery in Dubai, including the cost.

What is Chin Surgery?

Chin surgery is an invasive procedure that reshapes the chin through implant augmentation or bone reduction surgery.

Plastic surgery on the lower jawline and chin region is often done to enhance facial proportions and boost personal confidence and self-esteem. Board-certified plastic surgeons routinely recommend these procedures to restore the harmony of facial characteristics and the balance of the chin with the rest of the features on the face.

A procedure known as mentoplasty or genioplasty may sometimes shift bone from the jaw forward. Shaped silicone implants may also be utilized to give the chin additional projection. The surgeon may also remove the bone to reduce an abnormally protruding chin. Additionally, changes to the lower jaw may be recommended for better chewing dynamics and occlusion. These processes might be basic or quite complicated.

Types of Chin Surgery

Surgeons execute several methods of chin surgery. These methods may vary in technique and cost but have similar outcomes: modifying, correcting, or enhancing the chin region.

Sliding Mechanism

A surgeon cuts the chin bone, separated from most of the jaw, and moves it to treat a chin deficit.  

People with a chin that is caved in compared to the rest of their face should consider this form of chin surgery. It may also aid in correcting chins that are excessively long and pushed forward.

Chin implants 

Chin implants are used to remodel, expand, or move the chin forward in the face. Surgery or fillers may be used to do this.

In Chin augmentation surgery a surgeon inserts a plastic substance into the chin and attaches it to the bone. The most prevalent implants are alloplastic implants (those constructed of synthetic materials).

Nonsurgical chin augmentation injects fillers, such as body fat, into the chin using needles to improve its look.

Who is a Suitable Candidate?

Healthy patients without current illnesses or major pre-existing medical issues are the most outstanding candidates for genioplasty.

Patients with a tiny or receding chin may benefit from chin surgery. A nose that seems abnormally long may be caused by a chin that appears too small in comparison to other facial characteristics. In a younger patient, chin implants are usually used to balance the features, and in a more mature patient, genioplasty may be used in combination with another cosmetic treatment.

What is the Procedure?

Chin reshaping may be achieved through chin prosthetics or by relocating the chin’s supporting bone.

Chin implants will come in all different shapes and sizes and are made of a wide range of materials, such as silicon. The implants are chosen during the consultation process between the surgeon and patient through 3D modeling, after which the suitable implant is selected for the procedure.

The surgeon will proceed to place the patient under general anesthesia and create an opening from the lower lip or underneath the chin during the surgery. 

The chin bone is then repositioned, or an implant is placed via this incision. The surgeon then closes the wound once the implant is inserted. It might require around 30 minutes to several hours to complete this treatment.

How Much does Chin Surgery Cost?

It is tough to estimate a general chin implants cost in Dubai. The price of each surgery is distinctive according to the patient’s requirements. The cost of the procedure is influenced by a variety of factors, including:

  • The skills of the surgeon.
  • The consultation process
  • The hospital fees
  • The type of implant used along with the size needed
  • The cost of anesthesia

A chin Implants cost in Dubai may start at an average of AED 8000 and can go beyond AED 18,000.

Risks of Chin Surgery

Chin augmentation is connected with extremely few problems conducted by a trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon. However, infection at the surgical site, internal bleeding, a change in implant location, an asymmetrical jaw, visible scarring, and anesthesia side effects are all possible risks that could result from a chin surgery. 

Bottom Line

Multiple techniques can be used to modify your chin and enhance your facial structure to make it more symmetrical. The cost of chin surgery Dubai will vary according to the type of technique adopted by the surgeon and the implant of your choosing. If you are interested in undergoing chin surgery, contact our health representatives at Dynamic Clinic for a consultation.