Chin Implant Surgery | Jaw Contouring for Men & Women

A beautifully structured jaw is responsible for adding beauty to the overall face. You must have heard about chin augmentation surgery, also known as genioplasty, but do you know it has multiple advantages? Jaw contouring is equally famous in men and women, which is why individuals from all genders are going for chin implants in Dubai to enhance the chin. Once a chin is augmented through surgery, you can permanently get a desired jawline and chin. Keep reading this article to learn more about this surgery and its benefits.

What is Chin Implant Surgery?

Chin implant surgery is aimed at augmenting the size and shape of a chin by placing implants around the chin bone. Overall, this surgery serves the purpose of improving the contours of your face. This is a surgical procedure to enhance primarily the chins that are underdeveloped. One of the major advantages of chin implants is that it can beautify the chin as well as the jawline. Because it can enhance the overall facial features, many people opt for chin surgery in Dubai.

Although there are non-invasive procedures you can opt for while considering chin augmentation. However, their results usually fade away. Contrary to non-invasive treatments, you can permanently get a sharp, beautifully defined chin with Dubai chin implants. Let’s see what surgical chin augmentation has for us!

The procedure of Chin Augmentation:

The procedure does not involve many steps. Therefore, it does not take more than an hour if you only go for chin implant surgery. In case you opt for additional surgeries, it may take more time. The first step includes giving the patient anesthesia to render them unconscious. Local anesthesia or general anesthesia can be used for this purpose.

The second step includes making an incision under the chin or inside the mouth. Through which the doctor makes space for the implants to be placed. In the third step, the implant is situated to fit the area around your chin bone. This is an outpatient treatment, so you should bring somebody with you who can drive you home.

This process helps a recessed chin bone to pop out beautifully. Once the procedure is completed, your chin does not stop looking natural. In fact, your jaw becomes more defined, maintaining its natural appearance.

Post-op :

Your chin will be wrapped in a dressing that helps reduce swelling from the area. You can be advised to wash your mouth with special rinses. In some cases, the doctor may also recommend a special diet so as to better the healing process. There is good news that there isn’t much downtime to this chin implant surgery in Dubai when it comes to recovery. After a week, you are likely to heal enough to get back to work. However, the healing procedure differs according to different individuals. There are some precautions that you need to take in order to have a smooth recovery:

  • Sleep with your face up; do not sleep sideways.
  • You can expect to experience minimal discomfort, for which you should take medication ONLY on your doctor’s recommendation.
  • Do not go back to working out vigorously after the surgery. You can resume that after four weeks of the surgery.
  • You must follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully to avoid any possible complications.

The recovery period is not the same for everyone. It is different for every individual.


While you can see visible differences in your chin after one month, the full results can be observed after three months of the surgery once the swelling subsides completely.

Chin Surgery Cost in Dubai:

You will get chin surgery in Dubai at our clinic for around AED 15,000 to AED 20,000. However, the price may vary according to the chosen surgeon or the location of the clinic. Consult your surgeon to know the exact cost of chin augmentation in Dubai

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