Common Chin Augmentation Procedures

An undersized chin may change your facial features and balance, changing the overall aspect of your face. Different chin augmentation procedures are often used to straighten and strengthen a person’s jawline and give them a more structured look. People may choose from a variety of surgeries to correct their chin based on what they want to achieve overall. 

What is Chin Surgery?

Chin augmentation in Dubai is a kind of chin surgery used to enhance the lower part of the face. This kind of surgery may be performed by both cosmetic and maxillary surgeons (surgeons who concentrate on the mouth and jaw).

This surgery is most often used as a cosmetic procedure, which means that individuals have it done for the sake of appearance rather than for a medical reason. As a result, it’s not often covered by insurance.

Through chin augmentation Dubai, different flaws on the lower jaw can be addressed, such as pushing the chin forward, sliding the chin backward, side-to-side movement, which may assist with asymmetrical chins, and vertical alterations, such as making the chin taller or shorter. 

Common Chin Augmentation Procedures:

Sliding genioplasty and chin implantation are the two basic kinds of chin augmentation.

Genioplasty using a sliding mechanism:

The surgeon cuts the chin bones, which are separated from the majority of the jawline, and moves them to treat a chin deficit in a sliding genioplasty. An osseous genioplasty is another name for this procedure.

People with significant retrogenia or a chin that is too far back compared to the rest of their face should consider this form of genioplasty. It may also aid in correcting chins that are excessively long and pushed forward.

Chin implants with silicone:

Chin implants may be used to remodel, expand, or move the chin forward in the face. Surgery or injections may be used to do this.

Chin augmentation surgery is inserting a plastic substance in the chin and attaching it to the bone. The most prevalent are alloplastic implants (those constructed of synthetic materials).

People often opt for noninvasive chin procedures as well, such as injecting body fat or fillers, into the chin using needles to improve its look.

Procedure Steps:

Firstly, x-rays of the face and chin may be taken. These x-rays will be used to determine which area of the chin will be operated on.

When just a chin implant is required to give the chin more definition, the following steps will be utilized by the surgeon:

  • You may be sedated and receive a drug to numb the region. 
  • A cut is made either within the mouth or beneath the chin. A pocket is formed at the front of the chin bone and behind the muscles through which the implant is inserted into the face. The surgeon could use real bone, tissue, or silicone implant inserts.
  • Stitches or screws are often used to secure the implant to the bone.
  • The surgical incision is closed with sutures. When the cut is within the mouth, the scar is barely visible.

Some bones will probably also need to be adjusted by the surgeon:

  • The surgeon will put you under general anesthesia.
  • Inside your mouth, the surgeon will create an incision on the lower jaw. This allows the surgeon to operate on the chin bone.
  • A second incision through the jaw bone is made by the surgeon using a bone saw or chisel. A metal plate is used to shift the jaw bone, which is then wired or fastened into position.
  • Stitches are used to seal the wound, and gauze is placed in the inner corners of the mouth. Since the operation is conducted within your mouth, there will be no visible scars.
  • It takes between one and three hours to complete the process.

Cost of Chin Augmentation:

Chin augmentation cost in Dubai can vary depending on the procedure technique adopted and the facilities used during the operation. The average cost of chin augmentation is AED 15,000 but can vary depending on the clinic and hospital fees. 

Why chin augmentation is performed?

Chin augmentation is often used to balance out the face by lengthening or widening the chin. People that have unstructured or receding chins but a normal bite are ideal candidates for chin augmentation.

If you are thinking about having your chin augmented, consider visiting a plastic surgeon, and keep in mind that the goal is to improve the features of the face, not to achieve perfection.

Bottom Line!

Chin augmentation helps people with seemingly disproportionate faces find a balance in their facial features by giving the lower jaw a harmonious structure. 

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