How Many PRP Sessions are Needed for Hair Growth

PRP for Hair Loss:

A few years ago Trichologists came out with this new solution, known as PRP, to trigger hair growth. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. The treatment has been serving millions of women out there who are suffering from the trauma of hair loss.

How does PRP work?

During the procedure, a specified concentration of a patient’s blood is taken and placed in the centrifuge to separate the blood components. Through this process, we get a concentration of platelet-rich plasma. The prepared plasma is filled in syringes which are then injected into the scalp to amplify the natural growth factors of the hair.

Number of Sessions Required:

While deciding on the treatment, one of the major concerns that most patients are likely to have is the total number of PRP sessions needed. We cannot tell you the exact figure without examining your scalp which means it is not fixed it varies from individual to individual. Hair loss condition desired results, and the body’s way of responding are three important things that doctors consider while evaluating the exact number of sessions.

Before the treatment, you need to have a deep conversation with the doctor to know every aspect of the therapy. While consulting, the doctor will ask you a few questions about your hair loss and overall health to find out how many sessions you will need to control the hair loss.

PRP injections are inserted in multiple sittings over time to see a huge improvement in hair growth. The severity of hair loss has a big impact on the total number of sessions required. It is important to note that cost increases when the number of sessions increases. For most patients, 3-4 sessions separated 5-6 weeks apart, are sufficient to fully control the hair loss. You will notice a development in hair density after 2-3 months of your first session. The doctor might ask you to repeat the PRP treatment Dubai course after a year to refresh the effects. From PRP treatment, the patient gets strong, thick hair shafts without experiencing the pain or discomfort that he/she suffers from hair transplants.

Is PRP a Permanent Solution?

We cannot tell you how long the results will persist because they differ between patients. However, you require several multiple sessions to continue producing the desired outcome.

Are there any side effects?

No major side effects have been reported by the patients so far. You do experience some discomfort, pain, bruising, and swelling but they subside within 2-3 days.

Is PRP Worth it?

Tiny platelet-rich-plasma syringes are injected to stimulate the production of growth factors in the scalp. It is a safe and effective way of improving hair density. Because the patient’s blood is utilized productively the body will not respond negatively to it. No complications are connected to it so undergo the procedure without any doubt.

PRP Treatment Cost:

At our clinic, the  Cost of PRP treatment starts from 2000 AED per session. It fluctuates depending on the location of the clinic, the expertise of the practitioner, and the number of sessions. So, meet our expert to know the exact cost of PRP hair restoration.

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