How many prp sessions are needed for hair growth in Dubai

No scar! No Pain! Regrow your hair with your own blood!

Hair loss treatments have been prevalent for decades. They have gained drastic popularity in recent years. In fact, technological advancements have made these procedures even more effective than ever.

PRP is one of the best hair loss treatments in 2021 and we are proud to offer this. The treatment gives many more advantages over other treatments. It is safer and there is no risk of allergic reactions. But why? This procedure uses your own blood to enhance the scalp’s appearance. The professional extract the blood and then separates plasma from it. When activated plasma is injected into the scalp to stimulate hair growth, the scalp accepts it without any harmful effect.

PRP Sessions:

How many PRP sessions are needed for hair growth in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? It is important to note that final results are not permanent and the total number of sessions needed to make a significant improvement in hair growth varies from patient to patient.

In general, patients are likely to get five to eight PRP Treatments to get desired results. The approximate time for beginning to the end is about one year but it can take longer in some cases.

The number of sessions largely depends on the degree of hair loss and your scalp’s ability to grow hair. Other factors that can influence this are:

Client’s Health:

Healthier clients will need lesser sessions to get the desired results. Because they will have taken better care of general health, their scalp is also healthy. This, in turn, promises longer-lasting results.

The Number of Injections Used:

The number of shots used can also influence how many sessions you need. How much blood you have, and the health conditions you have will factor in as well. You need to talk about this in the initial consultation.

The Practitioner:

The results will always be slower, even when PRP is performed by an experienced provider.

Is it worth it?

Without any doubt, hair loss that occurs due to genetics is difficult to treat. Thankfully, up till now, many procedures have been developed for this problem. PRP is one good way to restore hair growth. It gives more natural-looking results and involves quicker recovery compared with other procedures. Besides, there are no serious side effects. The only side-effects you will face are bruising, swelling, and discomfort. FYI: the side-effects are short-term, last for three to four hours only. More information on hair regrowth and side-effects will be given in the initial consultation.

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