How Many Laser Hair Removal Sessions Do I Need in Dubai

You’ve probably heard of laser hair removal, a treatment that can remove unwanted body hair and restore silky, smooth skin. But did you know that this takes a lot of time to produce the desired look? Lasers, in fact, work very slowly to obliterate hair.

So, exactly how many laser hair removal sessions do I need in Dubai? Continue reading for a more in-depth discussion of this and other issues.

How Many Laser Treatments Will I Need?

For most folks, 6 – 8 sessions are enough to reduce excessive hair growth noticeably. And the results last up to two years, especially if the hairs are removed from areas that aren’t normally active. It is important to note, however, that if you want to keep your new skin for a bit longer, you must return for touch-ups every three to four months.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal in Dubai is a procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light to remove hair. It is capable of destroying unwanted follicles, which are small sacs from which hair shafts develop. This treatment, which can be used on any part of the body, can even be used to remove pubic hair and underarm hair.

*At Dynamic Clinic, several types of lasers are used, each producing a different result. Nd: Yag, diode lasers, ruby, and IPL are the most common lasers*

What Can I Expect From The Treatment?

Our clients at Dynamic Clinic appreciate how laser treatment provides them with a smoother, hairless body.

Laser hair removal is a simple in-office procedure that usually takes less than an hour to complete. We mark the areas that will serve as reference points at the start of your session. We will then beam the laser at the site and gently cover it with a cloth to protect the skin.

Note: Most patients find the laser treatments to be comfortable, but if you have susceptible skin, the dermatologist may apply a topical numbing cream.

Is There Going To Be Any Downtime?

No. People can usually resume routine activities immediately, and some even schedule these treatments during their lunch break. They are also not subject to any special restrictions following the procedure. In fact, if you want, you can even resume strenuous activities.

What Advantages Are Associated With This Treatment?

  • Easy and convenient sessions
  • You won’t get botched results
  • No side-effects
  • Adjustable outcomes

Who Is A Good Candidate?

The first step in determining whether you are a good candidate is to make an appointment with a professional in his office. The dermatologist will evaluate your skin, review your medical history, and discuss your goals with you during this session.

Other indicators that you might be a good candidate include:

  • You have reasonable expectations
  • There is no active skin infection on your body
  • You are mature enough to make such an important personal decision

The Takeaway:

The results are excellent, but as I previously stated, it is a treatment that takes a lot of time to complete. Most of the time, at least six sessions are required to achieve the desired results.

Why should you pick us!

Many people worry that laser hair removal will leave them bruised or with poor results. But our skilled aestheticians and dermatologists perform these procedures in such a manner that the side effects are minimal, and the results are very natural-looking. This means you’ll be smooth and hairless, but you won’t bruise. To put it simply, you will be a better version of yourself here.

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