how long tooth filling last in Dubai

So you’ve finally decided to fight tooth decay? Congratulations! But do you know the best way to get your healthy and beautiful teeth back? Further details below:

Do you have a damaged tooth? What do you think you can do to bring back those pearly white teeth? Luckily for you, we at Dynamic Clinic offer some pretty effective tooth-colored fillings. But how do fillings work? Are they safe? In this article, we will guide you through all aspects Tooth Filling in Dubai:

Get a Brand-New Smile With Tooth Fillings!

Fillings have become a popular procedure in the world of dentistry and for a good reason. They repair cracked and broken teeth. In 2020, approximately, four million fillings were done in the UAE. Here arises the inevitable question: How Long Does a Tooth Filling Last in Dubai? Read on to find out the answer.

Who Are The Candidates?

Early treatment of tooth decay can protect a tooth from further damage. Fillings are prostheses for restoring a damaged tooth. They are injected directly into the cavity after cleaning a tooth contaminated with bacteria. They give immediate results and are economical. However, it is important to note that you should visit the correct dentist for great results. Study their credentials, testimonials, and experiences to make the best decision.

The best candidates are people with teeth that have just begun to decay. During treatment, the cavity will be filled with amalgam, gold, resin, or porcelain. Please keep in mind that composite resins work best. They blend well with the rest of the teeth, giving more natural-looking results. After treatment, if new caries develop around the filling, the professional will restore the tooth with a crown or veneer.

Do Fillings Need Replacing?

Generally, Dental Fillings in Dubai Last for Fifteen to Twenty years. It is important to note that this duration largely depends on the type of filling used, the number of cavities, and your oral health.

Also, keep in mind that every time you eat, the filling is affected. Little by little, it loosens and a pocket is created. So, if you see signs of wear and tear on your fillings, you should see your dentist as soon as possible for replacement fillings.

Bruxism can also lead to cracking of the treated tooth, which may require additional procedures that are more complex and expensive.

Pros and Cons:


Long-lasting. In most cases, fillings last ten to fifteen tears and sometimes even longer. Doesn’t corrode.

Affordable. Fillings are less expensive than implants, crowns, and veneers. Any middle-class individual can get benefit from them.

Amazing cosmetic results. The new smile is more attractive, sexy, and healthy.


Not a one-off procedure. In general, fuller results of Fillings take up to three to four sittings to show up

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